I had dinner with my ‘Rents t’day. Oddly, one of the few visits we’ve had where politics aren’t argued discussed. My Mom had some treats for our dog “Little Otis” and so I followed them to their car to pick them up. This Jeep was parked next to my folks’ car and my Dad pointed to the bumper sticker and laughed at it.

… I grinned and said to my Dad: “Well, it would appear that ‘Healing’ has begun and going on swimmingly! Must be a sad day for the GOP seeing all of us “looney liberals” getting along so well, huh?!”

He sobered his heckling laughter really fast and got into the car. I kissed my Mom “good-bye”, took the treats dropped them off in my car. The folks were speeding out of the parking lot while I went back and took this picture with my cell phone.

Sorry about my thumb. I took two pictures, but this one was the only one that seemed to make it to the Verizon website. …They’re probably gonna charge me a hundred bucks for uploading the picture too….

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