Karl Rove, on the lamb; with his US Passport of course

Think Progress is featuring a small YouTube piece that notes that Karl Rove has apparently skipped the country and he’s AFK (computer-talk: “Away From Keyboard”). T-Progress credits Rove’s attempt to act like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid all wrapped into one because of the newest Congressional subpoena for him to appear and answer questions about the case involving the imprisonment of Alabama’s governor Siegelman. An investigation, if I might add, isn’t expected to be completed until the end of January ’09 – even though US Attorney General Micheal Mukasey says there’s no intentional “slow-down” on the case.

Lars!! The video if you would please…!

“Thank you, Lars!!”

Now let’s speculate:

But, I digress…Wishful thinking. Knowing that he’s no longer in this country gives me small comfort for the weekend that his toilet water won’t end up in US water supply…

Congress has given Karl Rove a 5-day pass, something Karl will also ignore – of course. One has to wonder if the Democrats have any brains by demanding his immediate arrest once he’s decided to return to our shores and resume his duties for the John McCain for President campaign.