John McCain caught in a YouTube lie

He’s having a difficult time, especially with all of the Internets out there keeping tabs on him. These Republicans haven’t got the memo that says “When you’re bullshitting your audience – They have YouTube and you and your lie will be found out!!”

In a move that’s reminiscent of George Allen’s “Mecaca Moment“, McCain has been caught lying about his support for African American’s equal rights and his alleged support of a national Martin Luther King Jr holiday. John Amato over at Crooks & Liars has McCain on the run, and I’m getting a kick out of it.

Amato does his homework:

McCain Defended Opposition Of Federal MLK Holiday By Saying He Supported Arizona’s State Holiday. During a press availability in Panama City, Florida, John McCain said, “I have supported hundreds of pieces of legislation, which would help Americans obtain an equal opportunity in America. I am proud of that record, from fighting for the recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday in my state to sponsoring specific legislation that would prevent discrimination in any shape or form in America today.” [McCain Press Availability In Panama City, Florida, 8/1/08]

  • FACT: McCain Supported Republican AZ Governor’s Decision To Rescind MLK Holiday. ABC News reported, “In Arizona, a bill to recognize a holiday honoring MLK failed in the legislature, so then-Gov. Bruce Babbitt, a Democrat, declared one through executive order. In January 1987, the first act of Arizona’s new governor, Republican Evan Mecham, was to rescind the executive order by his predecessor to create an MLK holiday. Arizona’s stance became a national controversy. McCain backed the decision at the time.” [ABC News, 4/3/08]
  • FACT: McCain Supported Gov. Evan Mecham’s Decision In 1987 To Rescind Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer, “In a vote likely to haunt him for the rest of his public career, executive order creating a state holiday for King, but later reversed his position.” [Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/16/08] McCain voted against 1983 legislation establishing the third Monday in January as the federal holiday marking King’s birthday. Back home in Arizona, he supported Gov. Evan Mecham’s decision in 1987 to rescind an
  • FACT: McCain Voted Against Creating Martin Luther King Holiday. In 1983, McCain voted against a motion to suspend the rules and pass a bill to designate the third Monday of every January as a federal holiday in honor of the late civil rights leader, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The motion passed 89-77. [HR 3706, Vote 289, 8/2/83; CQ 1983]

Oops… Great Grandpaw McCain might get started on that Aricept prescription pretty soon!

Amato isn’t willing to let him off the hook either. Amato then gets a video from a fan who’s edited the even with three different camera shots.

Watching McCain crumble for that long pregnant moment while he’s walking to the lie is priceless. Especially when he says “lowering taxes” as the second greatest reason he supports the African American voters. By that time, you can see his brain is in overload and then he steps right on into the lie.

I mean, he could have said; “When I was a teenager, I almost fought against slavery by joining the Yankees and fighting in the South! But, I had my high school prom night coming up…and…and… Ummm… I had to give my mustang a good brushing …and… Ummmmmmm…. I didn’t go fight after all…”

And that would be a story that I would believe!!!

McCain…What a Ditz.

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