It’s “Wack-A-Mole”! Bush thinks the Olympics are all about him…

His poll numbers have been in the toilet for three years now and Bush still keeps showing up at public events trying to “steal the show”.

In May 2007, Bush attends the Buffalo NY Symphony, with Maestro Joann Falletta as director. Towards the end of the piece, Bush hopped out of his chair and marched on down the aisle, walked up behind her and stood there grinning until she stopped and realized he was standing there. Not caring that the gesture is a mega-insult to the first female orchestra directors in classical music history, Bush wanted to “play”!!

The subliminal message Bush said was: “Hey…hehehhehhe… You’re kinda good! But I wanna try! Can I have the stick?!?! heheheheheheh”

After he was bored, he kissed the conductor (EWW!) and returned her baton. The song, in case you’re interested, Bush led the orchestra in The Stars and Stripes Forever.

Bush does this all the time. Like so many other disgraceful world leaders, Bush is far too drunk with power and far too out of his element to understand the basics of “Humility 101”.

We’ve been watching the Olympics this season. Mostly because I have a whopper of a head and chest cold, but also because there’s very little else on the tellie anyway. NBC’s Bob Costas explained the importance of the women’s gymnastics and we were pretty well tuned in with the Chinese athletic team. The United States team showed up to strut their stuff and in the midst of warm-ups, one of our star gymnist hurt her ankle, cutting the team to only four athletes.

The problem with this scenario is that with five on your team, the team can collect up all the points and throw away the lowest scores and keep the highest. The plight of the US Womens Gymnastics was that they now have no choice: Without the five team member, the athletes MUST do their best and they must not have any errors. Finally, they MUST beat the Chinese!

Wow! What a competition! One error -She landed six inches outside of the border-tape! Another US Athlete fell off the parallel bars and landed on her ass! The Chinese were good! But the Americans were really busting a hump! There is no room for error if they want to go to the finals!

The camera’s break and this is what we have on our fucking screen:

It’s NINE minutes long!! And Bush, he’s so smug:

“BLAH, BLAH BLAH”… “I told Putin this…and I told the Georgian president that!! I was honored to speak to the Chinese Prime Minister…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. My wife still sleeps at the Mayflower Hotel and smokes too many cigarettes… BLAH BLAH BLAH.”

This guy is like a Wack-A-Mole at the Minnesota State Fair. No matter how big the mallet is in your hand, the little fucker won’t stay down.

By the way: In spite of the handicap – the US beat China by a couple ten one thousand points…

UPDATE: Apparently, Pam Spaulding was watching the same thing. Spaulding, my personal favorite Lesbian On-Line was rudely interrupted with the Bush Interview and she’s also trying to re-coup….

Quoting Spaulding:

“COSTAS: This past week, you restated America’s fundamental differences with China. But given China’s growing strength, and America’s own problems, realistically, how much leverage does the U.S. have here?

BUSH: First of all, I don’t see America having problems. I see America as a nation that is a world leader that has got great values.”

Ouch!  When will he go away?!?  Please, Dear God!  Let him go away!!!

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