Gustav Who? Screw Louisiana! The GOP Parties with Hookers $ Blow!

Nice! Remember when the North Carolina GOP Chair wanted to run that ad against Barack Obama and his pastor Reverend Wright last April? The Chair gave McCain the virtual flip of the bird, ran the ad anyway, demonstrating to everybody that McCain pulls no more respect from his own political party than they would have towards Bill Clinton. While Hurricane Gustav is blowing down southern Louisiana, McCain asked for a very toned-down atmosphere in the Twin Cities citing a fear that it would be interpreted as being inapporpriate.

Again, the GOP couldn’t care less what McCain thinks or what he has to say.

And so they partied-on to a band called “Hookers $ Blow” while they hid behind pink feathered boas and wigs. My favorite was the one GOP dirt-bag who commented on the plight of those in southern Louisiana: “…Everybody has problems!”

Yeah, Buddy…Everybody has problems. You’ll have lots of problems come November when your political party goes the way of the pterodactyl.

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