Where’s McCain’s patriotism? It’s not on his lapel!

Remember that stink the GOP made about Barack Obama’s failure to show proper Patriotism by wearing the appropriate jewelry? They screamed bloody-murder about the missing flag-pin on the lapel of his jacket!

Ooops. Someone probably forgot to tell John McCain that he shouldn’t have dressed for tonight’s debate like he hates America. I’m betting McCain hates our troops and more than likely; he’s a Muslim too.

Aren’t you embarrassed for even thinking you’ll vote for this Anti-Christ?!

The Ex-Beauty Queen’s Got a Gun

I’ve been a Stephanie Miller fan for about three years, maybe four. During the days when Kim Jung Il of North Korean launched the nuke deep inside of that mountain, the whole world was glaring at him and were extremely angry with North Korea. Leave it to Stephanie Miller’s side-kick Jim Ward, a voice impersonation comedian, who came out with a hysterical rendidtion of Kim Jung Il singing Brenda Lee’s “I’m Sorry“.

For a taste of Jim Ward on other subject matters:

But I digress. Just the other day, I’m in my car and Stephanie Miller has Julie Brown on as a special guest. Brown has recently published: “The Ex-Beauty Queen’s Got a Gun” and almost peed in my bloomers.