…In Case Radiator Fluid in Your Toothpaste Wasn’t Enough

From the Washington Post today:

A Last Push to Deregulate

The White House is working to enact a wide array of federal regulations, many of which would weaken government rules aimed at protecting consumers and the environment, before President Bush leaves office in January.

The new rules would be among the most controversial deregulatory steps of the Bush era and could be difficult for his successor to undo. Some would ease or lift constraints on private industry, including power plants, mines and farms.

Those and other regulations would help clear obstacles to some commercial ocean-fishing activities, ease controls on emissions of pollutants that contribute to global warming, relax drinking-water standards and lift a key restriction on mountaintop coal mining.

Once such rules take effect, they typically can be undone only through a laborious new regulatory proceeding, including lengthy periods of public comment, drafting and mandated reanalysis.

Bush is going to be like your X-boyfriend/X-girlfriend. You’ve already had the fight, you regret saying some of the things that came out of your mouth, you’re still pissed off at the whole thing and you feel hurt that you’re back to being single again. It’s that time when your X won’t get the hell out of your apartment and you’re still seeing him/her everyday…you’re sharing the remote… and-the-bitch-just-won’t-move-out!

It wasn’t enough to de-regulate the Savings and Loan Industries, to de-regulate the Airline Industry, nor was it enough to deregulate the Banking Industry! Bush is determined to prove this “compassionate conservatism” by going on ahead with deregulating other industries that have not yet gone defunct!

The nightmare goes on:

“They want these rules to continue to have an impact long after they leave office,” said Matthew Madia, a regulatory expert at OMB Watch, a nonprofit group critical of what it calls the Bush administration’s penchant for deregulating in areas where industry wants more freedom. He called the coming deluge “a last-minute assault on the public . . . happening on multiple fronts.”

White House spokesman Tony Fratto said: “This administration has taken extraordinary measures to avoid rushing regulations at the end of the term. And yes, we’d prefer our regulations stand for a very long time — they’re well reasoned and are being considered with the best interests of the nation in mind.”

They admit freely an unabashedly: “We want to be the tattoo you wish you never had!”

Are you terrified of Bush yet? It gets worse:

…the administration has begun to issue regulations of great interest to industry, including, in recent days, a rule that allows natural gas pipelines to operate at higher pressures and new Homeland Security rules that shift passenger security screening responsibilities from airlines to the federal government. The OMB also approved a new limit on airborne emissions of lead this month, acting under a court-imposed deadline.


One rule, being pursued over some opposition within the Environmental Protection Agency , would allow current emissions at a power plant to match the highest levels produced by that plant, overturning a rule that more strictly limits such emission increases. According to the EPA’s estimate, it would allow millions of tons of additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually, worsening global warming.

A related regulation would ease limits on emissions from coal-fired power plants near national parks.

A third rule would allow increased emissions from oil refineries, chemical factories and other industrial plants with complex manufacturing operations.

These rules “will force Americans to choke on dirtier air for years to come, unless Congress or the new administration reverses these eleventh-hour abuses,” said lawyer John Walke of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Let’s all remember that it was Michele Bachmann who complained that the Big Financial Debacle was a direct result in “Hyper-Regulations“! So, she’ll be front and center talking about how good of a job Bush is doing with this more recent act of an American Terrorist President.

Hapy Halloween And Very Scary Nightmares To Come True

h/t to Howie Klein

Ugly People (?) Escorted out of McCain Rallies

From dKos, people who are showing up at McCain Rallies are being asked to leave – simply because they “don’t look right”. (Assumed – they don’t look “right” is a political pun.)

“I saw a couple that had been escorted out and they were confused as well, and the girl was crying, so I said ‘Why are you crying? and she said ‘I already voted for McCain, I’m a Republican, and they said we had to leave because we didn’t look right,’” Elborno said. “They were handpicking these people and they had nothing to go off of, besides the way the people looked.”

Cheeze-n-crackers..! McCain kicking out anybody from his campaign equates to double-digit percentages of the entire audience! His staffers kicked out, say…”four people” and that’s 25% of his entire audience!

Laura Elborno, who is a student, went on:

Elborno said after seeing the people who were asked to leave, she was concerned that McCain’s staffers were profiling people on appearance to determine who might be a potential protester.

“When I started talking to them, it kind of became clear that they were kind of just telling people to leave that they thought maybe would be disruptive, but based on what? Based on how they looked,” Elborno said. “It was pretty much all young people, the college demographic.”

Ouch. I guess it’s curtains for me. I waxed my wings and shaved my legs once and I was refused service at a BP trying to buy a Pearson’ Salted Nut Roll! I couldn’t imagine what kind of treatment I’d get if I tried to attend a McCain Rally looking the way I do today…

Sheeshe!! What a bunch of elitist jackasses!!

Wack Job

She started off being called “Sexy”. She called herself “Pit-bull with lipstick” and “Hockey Mom”. Soon, folks within the GOP started calling her “maverick“, eventually saying she was “going rogue“. That laid out the ground work to calling her “a diva“. Now, McCain’s senior advisors are calling her a “wack-job“.Wow… You just can’t write anything that tops that!

Sarah Palin “pals around” with Guilty Felon like US Sen. Ted Stevens


BURLINGAME, Calif. – Sarah Palin defended her claim that Barack Obama “pals around with terrorists,” saying the Democratic presidential nominee’s association with a 1960s radical is an issue that is “fair to talk about.”

Hrm… Well, Alaska’s US Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) was found guilty on seven counts of giving false statements! So, does Sarah Palin plan on disavowing Senator Stevens actions?! She’s apparently very close friends with the Convict…
Quite a lot of photos between this Vice Presidential Candidate and this convicted felon, don’t you think?

The Dallas Morning News is musing around the idea that Governor Sarah Palin should ask for Ted Stevens’ resignation immediately – but she probably wont’. Here’s a “Love Fest” between the two;

They just can’t share enough love between themselves, can they?!

Senator Stevens endorsed Sarah Palin for her run for Governor!

In fact; Sarah Palin, while in St Paul, listed her position as “director” of Ted Stevens’ personal 527 PAC:

Palin’s name is listed on 2003 incorporation papers of the “Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc.,” a 527 group that could raise unlimited funds from corporate donors. The group was designed to serve as a political boot camp for Republican women in the state. She served as one of three directors until June 2005, when her name was replaced on state filings.

What were are all of those accusations against Barack Obama’s “associations” about again?! I forgot… Hrmmm..

While I’m typing, CNN has Sarah Palin’s public statement on the subject where she finished by saying she “Hoped Senator Stevens would do the right thing for the people of Alaska.” You mean like “Resign”?!?!

MRE: MICHELE BACHMANN BUNGLES HER OWN APOLOGY – She does it for “your children”

Hoping to smooth the ruffled feathers of a disgusted Minnesota public, Michele Bachmann (R-MN) of the 6th Congressional District rolls out an ad that makes her best attempt at humility. Please note: She can’t apologize for her McCarthyism on Hardball last week. Apologizing is for heathens, non-Christians and liberals. As a neo-con, you follow the rules and you Never Apologize for Anything.

From The Scoreboard:

“Once again, our nation is at a crossroads, and it’s a time for choosing. We could embrace government as the answer to our problems or we can choose freedom and liberty,” Bachmann says in the ad.

“I may not always get my words right, but I know that my heart is right. Because my heart is for you, for your children and for the blessings of liberty to remain for our great country.”

What a crock! “For your children…” Ohmygawd!

The State Childrens Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) was a roll-out by the Democratic Party in Congress last year. It was to give free health care to all children living in American households making $80,000 or less. Bachmann voted against it the first time around, and in an attempt to override Bush’s veto, she voted against it a second time! The roll-call vote is here, courtesy TMP.

…for your children.” Oh dear God… Michele Bachmann couldn’t give one whit for your children.

In Matthew 19:14, Jesus said:

Suffer Little Children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Michele Bachmann read that and took it literally. She thinks Christ meant; “Let the little children suffer until they die — and end up going to heaven.”

…For your children!! Oh dear God….

Support El Tinklenberg!! And please be generous. We have to vote “Cruella de Vil” out of Congress. …For your children’s sake.

Republicans for Obama

When I was a kid, my Mom made us eat her asparagus. She steamed the hell out of it, and on my fork it looked like a green shoestring. It was disgusting. She boiled the hell out of the spinach too. On my plate it was a snowbank of green slime that tasted disgusting.

As an adult, I learned that asparagus, drizzled with olive oil and lightly grilled topped with sprinkles of sesame seeds was delicious! I also learned that freshly washed spinach as the base to a hearty cobb salad was not only extremely nutritious, but quite good!

Finally, I have found a Republican website that doesn’t taste like my Mom’s asparagus and her green slimy goo called spinach. It’s called; Republicans for Obama <dot> org.

Check out their catchy little YouTube ditty here!

Cute, wouldn’t you say?! Little guitar music an some of the most highly respected members within the Republican party! Nice!

I jammed with Cheryl Crow while I read Kelly Thomas’ blog McCain’s Favorite Mistake, I relished Randall Leverette’s blog entry “Where Do We Go From Here” an his reflecting on Colin Powel’s interview last Sunday on MTP. Mr. Leverette has some deep thoughts that I can respect and salute!

How can/do we re-establish ourselves so that we have the crossover appeal of an Obama? Will our party use an Obama win, if it comes to that, as a lesson or will we start pointing fingers yet again?: Obama had more money, he had a better organization, etc. Or will Reaganites blame Neocons and Neocons blame McCain’s “campaign” leaving McCain to blame them all.

More troublesome is the seemingly “ugly” side to our party — the base. By definition base is the foundation and if the foundation is not reflective of a vast number of its members, how can or do we change the direction of our party? If they don’t leave, or aren’t pushed aside, where do we go, you know, those of us who are “un-American,” “un-patriotic” and who have “no moral values”? Are we destined to ride the middle only to find ourselves in the “predicament” of going back and forth between Democratic and Republican candidates to vote for and support the lesser of two evils or do we permanently join the ranks of Independents? The thought of abandoning the party is a frightening prospect for me, not because I fear change or loathe Democrats. My fear bubbles to the surface because I like the political ideals of our party: personal responsibility, low taxes, strong defense, fiscal responsibility and when necessary, and let’s face it it’s always necessary, compassion for those less fortunate.

I’m right there with ya Mr. Leverette! That’s some bipartisanship I can get behind right now! I can’t recall a time when I respected a Republican point of view so much. I thought the entire lot had gone into the ditch!

Any liberal, progressive or Blue Dog Democrat out there believes we have “all of the answers” are just as arrogant as the Republican neocons. We don’t. And, we need Right Wingers to help all of us think this through intelligently and work these disasters out…Together!

McCain’s Race-Baiting Problem

Ashley Todd blew it for McCain and McCain blew it for the GOP. So, it’s McCain’s race-baiting problem. It’s becoming a rapid-fire of complete disasters for McCain’s entire campaign.

What a toilet-thing to do… We’ll all wonder if Michele Bachmann comes out and demands the media investigate Ashley Todd’s “anti-American sentiments”…

I’m waiting impatiently for a YouTube to mock this woman publicly.

Patriot Boy over at Jesus’ General notes that the GOP’s greatest wack-job, Michele Malkin, has doubts this story ended up as a hoax. Malkin notes that the “B” is backward, signaling that she drew it on while in front of a mirror, where Malkin offers:

Maaaaybe the alleged robber straddled her upside-down while carving it into her face.


But I’ve got my doubts.

I told you Malkin was a wack-job. No wonder Fox News fired her!

<sigh> Well, Malkin can wish all she wants… Ashley Todd has just confessed to the police.

Todd’s Twitter site has been pulled down – it was here. Her Facebook profile has been deleted, but the cached front page is here.

Sarah and Todd Palin: Their next child’s will be named “Zamboni”

You think I’m lying with that title don’t you! In People magazine that will hit newsstands today (Friday 10/24/08), Sarah Palin described herself as an “intellectual” and a veracious reader. She compliments these two wonderful traits of hers as a credit to her parents, both of them educators.

She can’t name a single newspaper or book when she was interviewed by CBS’s Katie Couric, but we should simply take her word for it: She’s a bookworm!!

Yeah, yeah, Sarah… You’re a horrible bullshit artist, and face it Girlfriend…You don’t read anything but menu on the wall at your local KFC…

But the last two paragraphs of the article are the most telling:

Palin said if she and husband Todd had had a sixth child, they had already picked a name for a boy joining siblings Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig.

I always wanted a son named Zamboni,” she said.

I just can’t help it. I have to ask: “Why would you name your kid after an ice conditioner?! With children named “Piper”, “Trig” or even “Track” – if you’re that big of a Hockey Mom, you could settle on naming your next kid “Stick” , “Check”, or “Goal”! Shoot – you could even cover with a name straight out of Shakespeare by naming your kid “Puck” and still get away with the Hockey motif…

But Zamboni?! …And you’re thinking your “Presidential” material with that? Let’s think this through:

“Hello Yer Majesty Mr Prime Minster… It’s a pleasure to meet’cha! You’re gonna love my familee… This is my husband Todd – He’s a Secessionist!! That means he really hates America… And here’s my children – this here is Track, he’s home from I-RACK… heheheh.. Ain’t that funny… Our son’s name rhymes with I-RACK… hehehe.. Ehem. And there’s Bristol over there with our first grandchild…. hehehe..We haven’t named that “Bundle O’ Joy” yet…We’re not even too sure who his Daddy is…And over here’s Willow, and this is Piper! Ain’t she cuter than a bugs ear?!? And here’s Trig, we just love him…

Oh! And this little charm… This here’s Zamboni – We named him after an Ice Finisher machine named after an obscure immagrant from Poland…. Ain’t he just adorable?!”

WTF is up with the MILF?!?”


Poor Michele… She just can’t feel Jesus’ love inside the GOP anymore. After running her mouth off on Hardball with Chris Matthews saying she thought Obama had “anti-American sentiments” and then called for the liberal media to investigate members of Congress for suspicions of “anti-American sentiments”, she’s seemed to have discovered “anti-Bachmann sentiments” coming out of the leadership of her own Republican Party.

First up: the NRCC. Headed by Tom Cole (R-OK CD#4). The National Republican Congressional Committee has apparently decided that Michele Bachmann has become such a liability that they’ve cut off all advertising funds for her campaign.

Ouch! It’s pretty well decided: Michele Bachmann’s hate-mongering mouth is not a course of action that the GOP Leadership wants to invest into…

Compare and Contrast: Fox News dumps Michelle Malkin for being a crazy hate-monger – the NRCC dumps Michele Bachmann for being the exact.same.thing.

From Politico:

The NRCC had reserved time on behalf of Bachmann in early October, but the money had yet to flow to her district. She was not among the beneficiaries of a rush of new independent expenditures the committee made in the past two days.

Pitchforks and the Torches have gathered in downtown Republicanville and they are none too pleased. In a more accurate word-choice: “They’re mad as Hell and they’re not going to take it anymore!!

Conservative Republican (The Pitchfork Family) Amanda Carpenter over at Townhall whined about the situation. Ms. Carpenter wrote with her Crying Towel nearby:

So what does the NRCC do when the going gets tough for Bachmann? They get going. Far, far away from her.

Apparently, since the NRCC didn’t run up and give bat-shit-crazy Michele Bachmann a giant squeezy-hug and then shove a giant sunflower into her machine-gun mouth… Ms Carpenter feels “left out”. Somebody must have decided that losing General Colin Powell to the Democrats was a bigger loss than losing Michele “I Love GWB” Bachmann and finally… Dumped her!

Editor-in-Chief Erik Erikson, a proud member of the Torch Family, whipped out the big stick from out of his ass and called Tom Cole (R-OK) a douchebag!

Let’s just call Tom Cole (R-OK), the head of the NRCC, what he is: a douchebag.

Erickson seems to be a wee upset, but manages to continue..:

Now, in the height of all douchebaggery, he has pulled all funding from Michelle Bachmann’s very winnable race in Minnesota, in which she is presently leading, though not by a great deal.

Why? Because Bachmann had the nerve to point out Obama pals around with anti-American domestic terrorists and other unsavory characters, i.e. she’s echoed Sarah Palin.

…Just a wee-bit pissed off? Earth To Erickson! Michele Bachmann spells her name with only one “L”…Not Two!! Earth to Erickson… Hello?!? Hello?!?!? Oh crap… Houston1 We’ve lost contact with Erickk Erickkson!!

And then… Erickson whips out his own Crying Towel:

But that’s okay. Apparently we have Republicans to spare.

Sarcasm! I like it!! Pouting?! Hrmm… Not so much.

The folks at Redstate run back to Update the original by clarifying to their guppy-headed faithful on why they’re so upset: They’re mad at Tom Cole for pulling the Bachmann support-ads!!

For perspective, Tom Cole has been sending money to Don Young in Alaska. So attacking the Democrats is unacceptable to Tom Cole, but taint and corruption is perfectly fine.

You still upset I called him a douchebag?

For those who are unaware of what he’s blabbering about, I’ll try to explain…

Alaskan Congresscreature Don Young is under investigation for earmarking $10million dollars to Florida to build/improve a road for one of his major campaign contributers. It’s a nasty story…read it here, here, and here.

Placed into context: (Republican) Redstate Editor-in-Chief, Erik Erickson is complaining that Tom Cole (R-OK), Chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee, will support (Heterosexual) Alaskan Congresscreature Don Young…but he won’t support Minnesota Congresscreature Michele Bachmann because she’s crazier than cow-snot on a barbed-wire fence. And, since watch-dog group CREW (Citizens for Responsibility for Ethics in Washington) has declared Don Young their MOST CORRUPT member in Washington, then it’s obvious — Tom Cole (R-OK) is a douchebag.

Get it?! The Pitchforks and the Torches within Republicanville are demanding the heads of their own Mayors, Dukes and Grand Wizards for doing what they should have done two years ago: They DUMPED BACHMANN!

Ugh!! In the immortal words of the Wicked Witch of the West as she melted away…What a world…what a world….

Minnesota local-yokel Republican, Andy Aplikowski (another Pitchfork) has his Crying Towel front-and-center.

Andy weeps:

I am just absolutely amazed at how far NBC is willing to go to cover up for their hack journalists like Chris Matthews.

Like Joe the Plumber, now Michele Bachmann has been more vetted by the mainstream media than Barrack Obama.

And seriously, they dug up Nick Coleman for this one?
I certainly hope the Republican Party of Minnesota is going to get involved now. Pawlenty threw Bachmann under the bus yesterday and I haven’t heard a single peep from Ron Carey. Let’s not forget that Carey is a constituent of Bachmann’s.

The full scale media attack to destroy Bachmann and twist her words is unreprehensible.

Awww… tsk tsk tsk… Poor Andy… He’s got an Idiot in Congressional Representation, and now that the National Republican Congressional Campaign has dumped her, he’s just going full-tilt with a wide-range on allegations:

  • Chris Mattews is an “NBC Hack”?!
  • NBC is “covering-up” for Matthews?!

Excuse me?!

Dear Andy Apilowski:

Chris Matthews is a “hack”?!

Are you serious?! …Or are you really that “new”?!

Seriously. I recall Chris Matthews booty-smooches GOP Crooks like Tom Delay (R-TX Jail Time) while yucking it up while off the air!!

Are you really that New?!?! Matthews is a “hack” because your Bachmann is that stupid and the GOP is now finding that out?!?”

Mr. Apilowski — Chris Matthews has been your best friend in Media – perhaps you’re the Hack-Job here and Michele Bachmann is the Wack-Job over there in DC!


Fruit F. Fly

Why can’t these Republicans taken responsibility for themselves?! It’s unbelievable!!

Okay all you cry-babies out there… Let’s let the “Mighty Fruit Fly” resolve the dispute for you. Let’s run over to the original transcript and read verbatim what Congresscreature Michele Bachmann said…Exactly

Transcript from the Federal News Service

MATTHEWS: So this is a character issue. You believe that Barack Obama may — you’re suspicious because of this relationship — may have anti-American views. Otherwise it’s probably irrelevant to this discussion.

REP. BACHMANN: Absolutely.

MR. MATTHEWS: So you believe it brings into —

REP. BACHMANN: I absolutely —

MR. MATTHEWS: So you believe that Barack Obama may have anti- American views.

REP. BACHMANN: Absolutely. I’m very concerned that he may have anti-American views. That’s what the American people are concerned about. That’s why they want to know what his answers are. That’s why Joe the plumber has figured so highly in the last few days —

Anything in there that appears like it was as cover-up?! Mr. Apilowski!?! Are you paying attention?!? Did your crazy Congresscreature say those words or did she not?!?!

And about the leaders in Congress? Bachmann says:

MR. MATTHEWS: What about people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, the liberals you were mentioning a moment ago? Where would you put them? Would you consider them anti-American as well?

REP. BACHMANN: I would consider them to have —

MR. MATTHEWS: Are they anti-American?

REP. BACHMANN: — far leftist views. I’m not going to say that they’re anti-American or pro-American.

MR. MATTHEWS: The speaker of the House is —

REP. BACHMANN: I will say the speaker —

So – Nancy Pilosi! Bachmann’s apparently not too sure about Senate Majority Leader Harry Ried… But Speaker of the House, Nancy Pilosi – she’s definitely got some of that “anti-American sentiments” in her. (I’m guessing it’s because Nancy PIlosi’s district is in that “Gay Area” known as San Francisco?!)

And what about the rest of the members of Congress?!

MR. MATTHEWS: Well, he’s a United States senator from Illinois. He’s one of the people you suspect as being anti-American. How many people in the Congress of the United States do you think are anti- American? You’ve already suspected Barack Obama. Is he alone, or are there others? How many do you suspect of your colleagues as being anti-American?

REP. BACHMANN: What I would say — what I would say is that the news media should do a penetrating expose and take a look. I wish they would. I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out, are they pro-America or anti-America? I think people would love to see an expose like that.

She’s a crazy person, you Goofs!!!

Michele Bachmann is nuttier than standing on Cashew Corner in Walnut Grove chewin’ on a Salted Nut Roll!

She’s the Acorn…with extra corn!!


I have a question:

Why does Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin’s husband Todd Palin get a free-pass on this subject of “Anti-American Sentiments”?!

Alaska’s First Dude belonged to a secessionist movement up there in Wasilla called the “Alaska Independence Party”. Todd Palin would be thrilled to personally rip a star off the American flag at any opportunity by declaring Alaska separate from the United States. And yet; It’s the liberals in congress who are publicly accused on MSNBC with (Pitchfork) Chris Matthews by Minnesota’s Congresscreature Michele Bachmann, but Secessionists who hate America are ignored without regard

The Republican Vice Presidential Candidate applauds those who’ll happily denounce their citizenry of the United States – And that’s ignored. But, being a liberal from San Francisco will get you accused publicly on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.

Stay tuned for more on this horrifying story!!! Coming up soon: MIchele Bachmann hate’s Jesus and His Children by supporting Anti-Christian Petters’ fund-raiser Frank Vennes!!!