Oops! Somebody get the Gaffe Machine ready!

I actually like it when the media is buzzing around the GOP about stupid stuff. Americans are far too shallow to understand in-depth thinking and translating it into work-a-day routines! Bring back the buzz about Sarah Palin having an affair outside of her own marriage, and Todd Palin hating American so much that he’s joined some crazy nut-job named Joe Vogler who hates America and wants a re-invention of the Confederate States during the pre-Civil War days! Even Lynette Clark, chairwoman of the Alaskan Independance Party, who considers herself a “kindred spirit” to Governor Palin, hate’s America so much, said publically:

[She says,] “in my heart and mind, I’m an Alaskan. I don’t identify myself as an American.”

I’ll even be happy to discuss Cindy McCain’s drug problem(s), Laura Bush’s DWI driving problems or even Condi Rice’s lesbian affairs! But for God’s sakes! Why does the DNC have to bring up heavy-headed crap like this?!?!

There’s no justice in the world anymore, ya know?!? No justice!! Who’s going to sit around the water-cooler and talk about McCain’s conversation from a year ago while on his dumpy broken-down McStraight Talking McBus discussing what he thinks about campaigns running negative ads?!

Nobody, that’s who!

Here’s Sara Palin doing the keynote to the Alaska Independence Party convention: Not only is she missing a Flag Pin on her lapel, she refuses to acknowledge the United States Constitution while focusing on the (country of) Alaska constitution as her topic du jour!


C’mone DNC-Geeks! Bring us fresh meat!! Live meat if possible!!Can we have another Dick Cheney (fake) heart attack!?!? Please?!?!?

The McCain campaign is handing out gaffes like Halloween candy for chrissakes. I’m willing to bet that John McCain is nothing more than a Democratic trojan-horse whose forced the political arm of the GOP.

Hello!! Is anybody paying attention to how “BADLY” this GOP campaign is running?!?! I feel like a member of the Peace Corps: Who will save the GOP?!!!

4 Responses

  1. Joe Vogler died years before Todd Palin joined the AIP.

  2. Thanks for noting the point!


  3. Nobody is as surprised as me that Lee Atwater style campaigns don’t seem to work anymore. Btw, your link: “Palin energizes GOP base” ought to be “Palin incites the basest members of party.” Think she knows how to spell demagogue? It’s over, and “That One” will be our next president. Eat your hearts out, hate mongers.

  4. By the time I arrived in Fairbanks, Vogler was dead but the signs seeking help into his sudden and mysterious disappearance were still plastered-up through-out the Tanana Valley. While I knew what had happened to him (shot dead by a delusional “artist” looking to purchase explosives from Vogler) there was so much still to learn about who he was and why a Kansas farmboy turned attorney fled to the Territory of Alaska in 1943, ultimately becoming a gold mining and resource/land development legend through-out Alaska. I set out to answer the why but with any “larger-than-life” figure (even in a small state) my answer never came. I discovered a racist with delusions of grandeur, prone to paranoia, but uncommonly well-read and highly self-reliant. He was (and remains today) an enigma.


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