Q.) What does cocaine trafficking, money laundering, small-church pastors living in basements and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann have in common?

A.) Frank Vennes Jr

Getting minimal airtime in our “maniacally ultra-Liberal” Mainstream Media, Michele Bachmann seems to be the remaining floater in the flushing toilet known as “Tom Petters Ponzi Conviction”.

While the rest of the country revolts on multi-billion dollar bailouts for AIG, Bears Sterns, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, local Minnesotans are reeling from our own local CEO crook; Tom Petters.

With about $2.3 billion in revenue in 2007 and 3,200 employees, the Petters Group Worldwide ranked 170th in the Forbes magazine list of the largest private companies.

Petters’s recent arrest on 9/29/08, has lead to his own Sun Country Airlines to declare bankruptcy, and thousands of Minnesotans have lost their jobs as a consequence. Tom Petters is was also the owner of mega-corporations such as Fingerhut and Polaroid. Three of Petters’ cronies have already plead guilty in their involvment of Petter’s Ponzi case: Deanna Coleman of Wayzata (no relation to Minnesota’s US Senator Norm Coleman that I’m personally aware of), Robert Dean White of Excelsior and Michael Catain of Shorewood.

Frank E. Vennes appears on the FBI’s radar screen as someone who poses as a recruiter for Petters’ Ponzi scheme. Serving on the board of Minnesota Teen Challenge, a religious group that works with teenagers with addiction problems, Vennes has been the go-to person for siphoning off millions of dollars for Petters’ scheme. Vennes, thrown in-jail in the late 80’s for cocaine and gun trafficking and money laundering, received over $28 million from Petters’ companies. While he has not be charged in any crime involving Tom Petters, the cracks and crevasses have been widening everyday.

Like Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin’s recent investigation finding her guilty for her abuse of power, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN-CD 6th) also shot out of the gate when she arrived in Washington DC in 2006. One of her first power-moves: To send a letter to President Bush’s pardon attorney’s to seek a pardon for Frank E. Vennes.

Bachmann’s letter requesting a pardon, spelled out the problem for Vennes clearly:

Despite his success, Mr. Vennes still encounters the barriers of his past and especially in the area of finance loan documents. This hinders his ability to expand his business which places limits on the support to the neediest in society … a pardon would release the weights of the past that serve no purpose, as Mr. Vennes has stated his desire to help so many more.

Vennes, serving on the Board of Directors for the notable Christian; Northwestern Bible College, seems to have served as a lure for Tom Petters. Whether he knew he was being scammed by Petters or not, doesn’t seem to be the true problem. The problem lays on Congresswoman Bachmann who attempted in playing a significant role in expanding Tom Petters’ Ponzi scheme via Vennes by sucking “investment” monies directly from the Christian community…a.k.a. “Bachmann Country”:

He used Frank Vennes to access plaintiffs because of his connections and stature in the Twin Cities and Christian community,’ the complaint says.

In her letter, Congresswoman Bachmann notes an oddity:

The Fidelis Foundation, backed by Mr. Vennes, has directed over $10.7 million in total gifts in the last three years, and the Fidelis Foundation has ranked #6, #9 and #7 as the largest grant-making foundation in Minnesota over the past three years.

Yet, the folks over at Dump Bachmann still haven’t disassembled the connection between this religious foundation and Frank Vennes. It would appear that Vennes heavily contributes to the Foundation, in addition to working the other (Christian) businesses that he owns:

Moreover, as a Trustee of Northwestern College, “Frank Vennes is CEO of four companies: Metro Gem, Inc. (corporate finance), Metro Gold, Inc. (precious metals, rare coin firm), Metro Capital, LLC (commercial real estate) and Resort Ventures, LLC (residential real estate). A graduate of the University of North Dakota (B.S. business administration & management), he has been involved in Minnesota Teen Challenge, Charis Prison Ministries and the Northwestern Foundation.”

Vennes’ legal barriers didn’t prevent him from being one of Tom Petters’ top fund-raisers. With fresh new religious faith he claimed to have found while he served in prison, Vennes’ begged and pleaded to church congregations throughout the country to give his newly found idol as much money has he could possibly raise. It would appear that the chickens have come home to roost in this case:

More than 100 pastors, ministers and nonprofit organizations have joined together in a federal racketeering lawsuit filed Friday in Minneapolis against Tom Petters and some of his associates .

“We’ve had a whole line of people going through our office the past 10 days,” said Carolyn Glass Anderson, an attorney with the Minneapolis law firm Zimmerman Reed, which filed the case.

“Their lives really have been devastated,” Anderson said. “Several of them are selling their homes and moving into their kids’ basements.

Vennes, along with Bachmann’s politicking on his behalf, has thrown hundreds of pastors, ministers and religious non-profit organizations under the bus. Bachmann, always the last in line to see the “Light of Christ” has retracted her request for Vennes. Important to note: Vennes has not be charged in the Petters case, yet! For all we know, he was simply a stupid lost little sheep in Petters’ very large flock. Yet, Bachmann has bailed on all of it:

“I had known Mr. Vennes for some time and was familiar with his good works with local charity organizations,” Bachmann wrote to the Office of Pardon Attorney on October 2, 2008. “Like so many others, I was under the impression that he had turned his life around and was seeking to do the right thing by those less fortunate.

“Regrettably,” Bachmann continued, “it now appears that I may have too hastily accepted his claims of redemption and I must withdraw my previous letter.”

It’s always nice knowing who you’re friends are, isn’t it?! Leaving Bachmann’s kitchen knife in Vennes’ back:

Vennes contributed $14,200 to her campaign; in 2008, he has contributed $4,600. Vennes’ wife Kimberly, who uses the same P.O. box number as Vennes, has contributed another $8,800 over the last three years.

There goes Bachmann’s career right down the crapper! I’m betting odds in favor that the Tom Petters Pozni scam throws thousands more Minnesotans out of jobs and even more tax-payer dollars spent on saving Big Corporate Republicans from their own stupid investments sunk into Petters’ scam…

And here sits our proud little Michele; deep in the thick of it! …Without a care in the world…

Jesus loves you Michele!! And discounting your gay husband, it would appear that He’s the only one who still does!!!

by Fruit F. Fly (– And “Yes”, I farted twice when I typed that last…Twice! In case you were wondering.)

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  1. Up today at the ALWAYS interesting DumpBachmannBlog

    “Pardongate Humor – “Michele, Why Have You Betrayed Me?”
    DB reader Wellstone’s Ghost left this comment:

    Frank Vennes Jr: ” Knock Knock”

    Michele Bachmann: “Who’s There?”

    Frank: “Michele, it’s me Brother Frank Jr”

    Michele: “Mr. Vennes, I am HOT for God”

    Frank: “Michele, EVERYBODY knows that”

    Michele: “I am also a foster mother of 23”

    Frank: “Michele, why have you betrayed me?”

    MB: “Did you bring me an offering?”

    FV: “I brought you some pink gloves”.

    MB: “Mmm, they do what they r supposed 2”

    FV: “Michele why have you betrayed me?”

    MB: “Pastor Quack says you are not a winner”

    FV: KNOCK KNOCK is anyone ELSE down there?”

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