Road Rage: Obama Bumper stickers are targeted for harassment

Oh golly jeepers… I gotta get me an Obama bumper sticker. One of these Turd Blossoms did this to me, I would be loading up my cell phone with the dude’s picture and you know where his face would show up….. Right here Baby! Right Hear!

From the Michelangelo Signorile‘s radio show via Towleroad:

Stop being a Victim, people!! Fight back! Look what they’ve taken from us! They’re burned our Constitution, they’ve shit on the Magna Carta, they’re evesdropping on our phones and they’re fucking torturing civilians who’ve been kidnapped at gun-point from their very homes!! …And you’re whining about some dude who doesn’t like you’re bumper sticker?!?!

What? You thought electing to take our freedoms and our protections back would going to be easy? You honestly thought the American Taliban GOP would simply fade to blackness without a peep? They’ve been in power a very long time! Of course they’re going to harass us! The GOP is filled with terrorists and their leaders preach fear and terror. They’re hate-mongers, they aren’t morons!!