Piper Palin spots an Obama Supporter

Woops! Maybe she’s flipping the bird to the fashion designer who insisted her Mom wear that coat out in public! Egads – that thing is dreadful!

I have to ask: “Is that what’s on the cover of Pentecostal Magazine these days?!” Wearing that thing, I promise: “Vice President Palin” will turn heads of cattle, not Heads of State.

(Jeesus!! Why can’t they find a gay guy to dress that woman properly?!?!?)

…Ooooh! I know! Maybe Little Piper’s flipping the bird to her future brother-in-law; the one who hates God and children! The GOP is the true “Family Values” crowd, you know!!

…Maybe she’s flipping the bird to all her X-BFF’s in da Hood from the crib in Wasilla and she simply sayin’: “Yo! Get outta my grill beyotch!!!”

I don’t know. I’m too old to understand Americas youth anyway.

I just loved this photo… Little girl flipping the bird with her Mom wearing a Moo-Moo of a Mu-Mu in the background.

h/t Joe.My.God XOXXO

One Response

  1. It’s a hoax, since the original photo shows the girl making a V-sign with two fingers, but the expression on her face is still a killer.

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