McCain on Letterman: “I Screwed Up”. <- No Sh€t?!

Cheezus… It just writes itself:

Let’s all remember: He’s admitted to graduating on the bottom fifth of his class at the Naval Academy. And he’s an admitted “illiterate” who needs his current wife to help him with his lack of computer skills!

Who hasn’t answered their Clue Phone yet?!? Anyone?!? Anyone?!? Bueller?!? Bueller?!?!

There used to be a day when the GOP laughed at the American public electing some “Hillbilly” who was Governor of some jerk-water state called Arkansas. The GOP, (Rush Limbaugh included) made millions in advertising dollars on the idea of some complete Dolt who would represent the United States of America for Heads of State…


That was then, and this is now:

…Millions of Americans tuned into Letterman and watch McCain say: “Ummmm… I screwed up!” and begged David Letterman for some leeway…

Literally, begged!!

Please! Watch the video again!! McCain begs Letterman by admitting that he simply screwed up!

My personal letter to Senator McCain is simple:

Dear Senator McCain:

Your predecessor, (Republican) George W. Bush gets the free-pass: He screwed up Planet Earth at a $700 Billion welfare bail-out for greed, gluttony and debauchery. We don’t need another Republican admitting he “Screwed Up” on late-night comedy.

Electing Senator John McCain as President of the United States of America would require the American public make an appearance on David Letterman and admit the exact same thing: “We screwed up!”

Senator McCain, let me help you with this delimma: “You just screwed yourself out of a job!


Fruit F. Fly

One Response

  1. Letterman at his very best!!! Especially in the 2nd half of the McCain interview! Good to see that both -at least somewhat- kept their sense of humor in all of this though

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