Gen Powell: Endorses Obama – Pukes on Palin

This morning on Meet the Press, Gen Colin Powell, former Secretary of State under GW Bush, endorsed Senator Barack Obama.

He noted that he was troubled by the way McCain handled the economic crises – fumbling around for answers for about a week, and he also thought Sarah Palin wasn’t ready to lead as Commander in Chief.

Colin Powell said:

“Now that we have had a chance to watch her for some seven weeks, I don’t believe she’s ready to be president of the United States, which is the job of the vice president,” Powell said. “And so that raised some question in my mind as to the judgment that Senator McCain made.”

Polite, but very harsh criticizm for both McCain and Sarah Palin.

I thought he handled it very well. Considering that I had lost all forms of respect for this man after trying to convince the UN Security Council that Iraq had WMD’s by utilizing counterfeited photographs to prove his point.

Powell chided the leadership within the Republican party by their tactics in discussing Obama. He complained that where he went where he talked about Obama with the Republican leadership, Republicans replied by saying:

“You know he’s a Muslim”.

Powell, as fine of a man as he is, continued by saying to Tom Brokaw: “Of course he isn’t a Muslim – he’s a Christian man. But that isn’t the correct answer, is it? Simply countering by saying “He isn’t a Muslim” is the wrong answer. The right answer would be: “So what if he is a Muslim? Why is it now wrong in American to have a religious faith?”

Since I subscribe to little of either religious faith, I couldn’t have been more proud of a man who’s figured it out.

Powell also complained about McCain’s constant badgering about his alleged ties to William Ayers. Making it such a central issue seems to be apparent that McCain has nothing to offer the American people except noting he’s not as bad as everybody else. Powell returned to the Leadership within the GOP by complaining how they’ve virtually shut out everybody.

All of which is very true! Since the Evangelical Christian take-over of the GOP, courtesy of the Bush Administration, the Republican Party has virtually nothing left to offer the American public. They’ve run off the moderate Republicans, as well as liberal and moderate Christians. It was Ronald Reagan who brought them “less government oversight and government downsizing” and it was John McCain who spearheaded much of the government’s deregulation!

Today, McCain gives speeches dedicated entirely to the idea of more regulation and more government oversight. George W Bush has nationalized the mega-financial institutions, and John McCain wants to nationalize the toxic mortgage meltdown.

Also missing from the GOP platform is their Family Values propaganda. What used to bring them thousands of voters to believe in the American (nuclear) family, now turn to the Democrats to find that character.

McCain – cheating on his first wife who was recently severely injured in a car accident. Dumps his wife and marries a beer heiress.

Palin – allegedly had an affair on her own husband, found guilty under Alaskan Statute 39.52.110 (a), her daughter, still a juvenile, turns up pregnant in spite of Abstinence Only training.

Where’s the Family Values crowd this year?!??

As Powell has noted by the GOP’s practice of xenopobia, and the GOP’s loss of major party platform issues, it’s the Republicans this election season who appears to have fallen apart.