Caption These…

Picture A:________________________________

I named the photo “Caribou Barbie”; thinking the trolls finally had their revenge for all of those wolves killed via helicopter. But, since this remains somewhat of a free country (Gays still can’t marry), you can write in your own caption with the space provided.

Picture B:________________________________

This picture I named “McCain Supporters” because nothing spells out the common McCain voter in American than a couple of elderly East-European peasant women… Again; using the space provided… Please write in your own caption. (Hint: The woman on the right… That’s my Mom! Think carefully before you write, Dammit!!)

Picture C:________________________________

My first reaction to this cutie athlete who’s ended up exposing that very cute little tooshie was of Janet Jackson’s unfortunate runaway boob on-stage with Justin Timberlake. So, I called it “Wardrobe Malfunction” for a reason. By the way, if anybody recognizes this little Hottie, please ask him to call me @ 763-531-5170. All you need to say when the phone is answered is: “Hi! I”m looking for Fruit!”

Picture D:________________________________

I love free stuff. But, I’m puzzled: Why are they giving away free shit?!? I don’t get it! And, where are they keeping their shit?

I see bicycles, footballs, tables filled with miscellaneous things… But – where’s the real shit, guys?!?! Do you think they ran out of shit and so they’re hoping to get rid of other stuff while they have the opportunity?!?

Picture E:________________________________

I left the “gays” last of course… C’mon! You can’t have enough fun without seeing “the gays” dressed up a week before Halloween like the Teletubbies.

Now, you see that guy in the middle??! There’s the dead-beat. There’s the guy who’s missing his imagination – he’s the Republican. Because if he was smart – he would be dressed up like Jerry Falwell and pretending to be dead. So… Here’s your opportunity to write-in your own caption…

By the way, I like the “Purple” one. He’s missing his Magic Purse, but if anybody knows these four queers, can you give the Purple guy my number?! Please?!

Picture F:________________________________

Oh go ahead… Write your own caption here too…if you insist… Lessee – Umm… “F”… That would be “F” for “Fabulous”, “FruitFly”, “Fruit Cake” or “Fruit Loops”….