Sarah and Todd Palin: Their next child’s will be named “Zamboni”

You think I’m lying with that title don’t you! In People magazine that will hit newsstands today (Friday 10/24/08), Sarah Palin described herself as an “intellectual” and a veracious reader. She compliments these two wonderful traits of hers as a credit to her parents, both of them educators.

She can’t name a single newspaper or book when she was interviewed by CBS’s Katie Couric, but we should simply take her word for it: She’s a bookworm!!

Yeah, yeah, Sarah… You’re a horrible bullshit artist, and face it Girlfriend…You don’t read anything but menu on the wall at your local KFC…

But the last two paragraphs of the article are the most telling:

Palin said if she and husband Todd had had a sixth child, they had already picked a name for a boy joining siblings Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig.

I always wanted a son named Zamboni,” she said.

I just can’t help it. I have to ask: “Why would you name your kid after an ice conditioner?! With children named “Piper”, “Trig” or even “Track” – if you’re that big of a Hockey Mom, you could settle on naming your next kid “Stick” , “Check”, or “Goal”! Shoot – you could even cover with a name straight out of Shakespeare by naming your kid “Puck” and still get away with the Hockey motif…

But Zamboni?! …And you’re thinking your “Presidential” material with that? Let’s think this through:

“Hello Yer Majesty Mr Prime Minster… It’s a pleasure to meet’cha! You’re gonna love my familee… This is my husband Todd – He’s a Secessionist!! That means he really hates America… And here’s my children – this here is Track, he’s home from I-RACK… heheheh.. Ain’t that funny… Our son’s name rhymes with I-RACK… hehehe.. Ehem. And there’s Bristol over there with our first grandchild…. hehehe..We haven’t named that “Bundle O’ Joy” yet…We’re not even too sure who his Daddy is…And over here’s Willow, and this is Piper! Ain’t she cuter than a bugs ear?!? And here’s Trig, we just love him…

Oh! And this little charm… This here’s Zamboni – We named him after an Ice Finisher machine named after an obscure immagrant from Poland…. Ain’t he just adorable?!”

WTF is up with the MILF?!?”

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