McCain’s Race-Baiting Problem

Ashley Todd blew it for McCain and McCain blew it for the GOP. So, it’s McCain’s race-baiting problem. It’s becoming a rapid-fire of complete disasters for McCain’s entire campaign.

What a toilet-thing to do… We’ll all wonder if Michele Bachmann comes out and demands the media investigate Ashley Todd’s “anti-American sentiments”…

I’m waiting impatiently for a YouTube to mock this woman publicly.

Patriot Boy over at Jesus’ General notes that the GOP’s greatest wack-job, Michele Malkin, has doubts this story ended up as a hoax. Malkin notes that the “B” is backward, signaling that she drew it on while in front of a mirror, where Malkin offers:

Maaaaybe the alleged robber straddled her upside-down while carving it into her face.


But I’ve got my doubts.

I told you Malkin was a wack-job. No wonder Fox News fired her!

<sigh> Well, Malkin can wish all she wants… Ashley Todd has just confessed to the police.

Todd’s Twitter site has been pulled down – it was here. Her Facebook profile has been deleted, but the cached front page is here.