Republicans for Obama

When I was a kid, my Mom made us eat her asparagus. She steamed the hell out of it, and on my fork it looked like a green shoestring. It was disgusting. She boiled the hell out of the spinach too. On my plate it was a snowbank of green slime that tasted disgusting.

As an adult, I learned that asparagus, drizzled with olive oil and lightly grilled topped with sprinkles of sesame seeds was delicious! I also learned that freshly washed spinach as the base to a hearty cobb salad was not only extremely nutritious, but quite good!

Finally, I have found a Republican website that doesn’t taste like my Mom’s asparagus and her green slimy goo called spinach. It’s called; Republicans for Obama <dot> org.

Check out their catchy little YouTube ditty here!

Cute, wouldn’t you say?! Little guitar music an some of the most highly respected members within the Republican party! Nice!

I jammed with Cheryl Crow while I read Kelly Thomas’ blog McCain’s Favorite Mistake, I relished Randall Leverette’s blog entry “Where Do We Go From Here” an his reflecting on Colin Powel’s interview last Sunday on MTP. Mr. Leverette has some deep thoughts that I can respect and salute!

How can/do we re-establish ourselves so that we have the crossover appeal of an Obama? Will our party use an Obama win, if it comes to that, as a lesson or will we start pointing fingers yet again?: Obama had more money, he had a better organization, etc. Or will Reaganites blame Neocons and Neocons blame McCain’s “campaign” leaving McCain to blame them all.

More troublesome is the seemingly “ugly” side to our party — the base. By definition base is the foundation and if the foundation is not reflective of a vast number of its members, how can or do we change the direction of our party? If they don’t leave, or aren’t pushed aside, where do we go, you know, those of us who are “un-American,” “un-patriotic” and who have “no moral values”? Are we destined to ride the middle only to find ourselves in the “predicament” of going back and forth between Democratic and Republican candidates to vote for and support the lesser of two evils or do we permanently join the ranks of Independents? The thought of abandoning the party is a frightening prospect for me, not because I fear change or loathe Democrats. My fear bubbles to the surface because I like the political ideals of our party: personal responsibility, low taxes, strong defense, fiscal responsibility and when necessary, and let’s face it it’s always necessary, compassion for those less fortunate.

I’m right there with ya Mr. Leverette! That’s some bipartisanship I can get behind right now! I can’t recall a time when I respected a Republican point of view so much. I thought the entire lot had gone into the ditch!

Any liberal, progressive or Blue Dog Democrat out there believes we have “all of the answers” are just as arrogant as the Republican neocons. We don’t. And, we need Right Wingers to help all of us think this through intelligently and work these disasters out…Together!

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