Wack Job

She started off being called “Sexy”. She called herself “Pit-bull with lipstick” and “Hockey Mom”. Soon, folks within the GOP started calling her “maverick“, eventually saying she was “going rogue“. That laid out the ground work to calling her “a diva“. Now, McCain’s senior advisors are calling her a “wack-job“.Wow… You just can’t write anything that tops that!

2 Responses

  1. Really, you should do a piece about John Kline and fruit flies. How can you resist?

  2. Hrmmm… I have been negligent on digging up anything on Kline… Hrmmmmmm…

    What will my fellow Anti-Republicans’ blog-sites say on their headlines: “Fruit Fly Gives John Kline a Free Pass…”

    That would be horrible! I would ruin my reputation!!!!

    Let me dig around and look for some fresh fruit on Kline…


    Fruit F Fly

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