Boring: Another Prominent Republican Endorses Obama.

Republican controlled Mainstream Media keeps talking about it like it’s something … “stunning”.

So, another prominent Republican has decided to endorse Obama. We thank them for their votes, we share in their excitement and we look forward to a stronger…better and brighter future. It takes a great deal of pride to realize that Obama has been right all along – that our differences are what makes us all too similar to each other. We’re not quite sure why it took them so long to get to the same point in their own lives, but we’re mighty glad they have finally done it!

Fareed Zakaria will be interviewing Former Reagan chief of staff Ken Duberstein tomorrow on his CNN show GPS this Sunday. Mr. Duberstein will promptly endorse Barack Obama and will credit his decision via Colin Powell’s influence by saying:

“Well let’s put it this way – I think Colin Powell’s decision is in fact the good housekeeping seal of approval on Barack Obama.”


There are hundreds of stories that are far more interesting than that one:

Did I tell you about the timer on my oven? It’s broke. I swear to Christ; I put a pineapple upside-down cake in that thing six hours ago and I still have liquid goo on my toothpick. My oven-timer went off six times yesterday alone and yet – nothing bakes in it!

Anyway — we were talking about more Republicans who are voting for Obama, or something?!

The McCain Campaign took a swing at Duberstein by saying he had been lobbying as far back as July to head McCain’s transition team in the White House should McCain win. Duberstein said a very naughty word in response to that:

“Absolute, complete bulls***,” Duberstein responded to the charge, when contacted by ABC News.

“Someone outside the McCain campaign approached me and said I’d be the ideal candidate to head the transition,” Duberstein said. “I said, ‘For what?'”

I’ve been told that Lifebuoy doesn’t taste nearly as bad as Irish Spring. The smear is obvious: McCain loses another Republican, so he goes after him and paints Duberstein as a petty and jealous man. “If I can’t work for John McCain, I’ll booty-smooch the Democrats…maybe they’ll give me a job.”

The article continued with an update since the original went to “E-Press”:

UPDATE: A senior McCain adviser tells me that Duberstein in September also reached out directly to McCain after the Republican convention to ask for the job. Duberstein says that’s not true.

Now, they’re just kicking a dying dog in the gut as it lies there along the road. Like a bunch of thugs, the McCain campaign runs around and adds insult to injury. “Because that’s the kind of Presidency you’ll get out of McCain?! God knows, it’s exactly the kind of Presidency we’ll get out of Palin. That poor brother-in-law could only hope for such a light crotch-kicking as that.”

Former Larry Pressler (R-SD), the first Viet Nam veteran to serve in the United States Senate, endorsed Obama last Sunday. Former Senator and Congressman Charles McC. Mathias Jr. (R-MD) endorsed Senator Obama for President last Tuesday. All were welcomed on The Moderate Voice by proudly adding the new names to their “Traitors List“. (It’s a tongue-in-cheek thing…you know.)

The racist slobs over at the Emptywheel criticized Duberstein’s decision in a blog-piece entitled: “Who Knew Ken Duberstein was Black?” I’ll assume they wrote the piece before the lit the lawn cross ablaze and began making marshmallow kabobs in their finest white linens. Is that question to imply that everybody in American who’ll be voting for McCain because he’s white? Or better asked: People who are voting for McCain are simply racist slobs like the folks at Emptywheel?! There’s never enough time for a good old fashioned crotch-kicking contest for a racist slob, even if they are a Lefty.

The ultra-conservative Editorial Staff at the magazine “The Economist” endorsed Barack Obama yesterday. This weekend, we’ll see a watershed of prominent Republican leaders, politicians and CEO come out with their endorsements. And while GOP strategists are sweating it out in hotel conference rooms throughout the United States right now discussing political constructs around the idea Barack Obama will probably pull this election off and win, more conservative media hype will buzz around on who else is endorsing him. Hooray for Obama!! We’re all excited!! But it really does make a boring story these days.