Same sex marriage equality in Columbia, South America

Oh the irony: The Cocain Capitol of the Planet gives same-sex marriage equality while Californian’s watch their own marriage rights burn to the ground:

Gay and lesbian couples in Colombia are entitled to the same rights as straight couples in common-law marriages, the country’s Constitutional Court ruled yesterday.

In April 2008 gay rights group Colombia Diversa, the Centre for Law, Justice and Society (Dejusticia) and the Group of Public Interest Law at the University of the Andes, filed a lawsuit for equal rights for unmarried heterosexual and same-sex partners.

The court’s ruling means that civil and political rights such as nationality, residency, housing protection and state benefits will now be granted to same-sex partners.

Homosexuality in Columbia was decriminalized in the 80’s, and hate-crimes against GLBT people in this predominantly Roman-Catholic country of 45 million people was obviously out of control. It’s the fact that the GLBT people of Columbia, South America enjoy more rights than my “husband” and I enjoy here in Minnesota is nothing short of outrageous.

FruitFlyColumbians have more rights than we have here in the US!?

If you’re interested, the Republican Party is struggling to fight a same-sex marriage act going on in the Great State of Maine. It’s only interesting if you’re a lobster fanatic or if you’re a Stephen King junkie.

Found in President Obama’s Oval Office trash-can

From the Huffington Post:

Bush's Private Note to Obama

Bush's Private Note to Obama

FruitFlyIt’s what I would expect from a C Average student from Yale, don’t you think?

Barbara Bush will be the only person on the planet who will tell you that George W was “special”. The rest of the Planet? …Not so much!

Camp Coleman: It’s an excercize in Stupidity

Aww…Come on! That was a great title! And, I’m right: Camp Coleman is an exercize in stupidity!

Consider just last December 31, in a hurry to get rid of ballots, Camp Coleman began driving around Minnesota to inform the voting public who’s ballots wouldn’t be counted.

Shirley Graham was astonished to learn that a lawyer from Norm Coleman’s campaign on Tuesday blocked her absentee ballot from being added to the U.S. Senate recount.

Awww – – Poor Ms. Graham! I’m betting Coleman’s Volkswagon full of clowns informed her by using a lot of polite words like “Ma’am”, and “Please”… and “Buttress“. Especially when they were informed by Ms. Graham that she’s an election judge!

“I’m an election judge,” said Graham, of Duluth. “I expected to be the last person whose ballot wouldn’t be counted.”

At that point, I’m guess Coleman’s band of merry Dunces dropped their jaws on the floor and said slowly: “Duuuuuuuuuh”.

You see, Ms. Graham’s ballot was signed by a witness who dated their signature that didn’t match the date Ms. Graham dated her own signature. In other words, I wrote this blog on January 27, 2009, oops, I forgot – today is the 28th! “Duuuuuuuuuuh.”

So, Coleman threw the ballot out. “Too bad! Your vote didn’t count! You are…. The MISSING LINK! Good bye!” and with that, Coleman’s 198 clowns packed into the Coleman Clown Car and the Beetle whizzed away with a HONK! HONK! before turning the bend.

The last two sentences of the article:

“I want to see my ballot,” said Graham, who added that she’d consider going to court, if she must, to get her vote counted.

A final irony: She voted for Coleman.

width=See what I mean? In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny: “What a maroon.”

Today, the exercise continues because now – those same clowns are out of the Beetle and in our courtroom and wasting our Minnesota tax payer’s money.

Now, three and a half-weeks later, they’re trying to find people who’s ballots were thrown out and hoping for sympathy from the judges and the rest of us. They’ve promised that they’re not cherry-picking who they’re finding to be a witness to this case based on party affiliation! No matter who they find, they were NOT going to ask if the poor Minnesota voter was a Republican, Democrat or even an Independent! Scouts Honor! Honest to John! Stick a needle in their eye!

The idea is to make us all believe that our election judges (like Ms. Shirley Graham) were far too incompetent to count ballots and had no right to throw out in the first place! It’ll give credibility that this whole entire voting “thing” was conducted deep in the hull of a Spanish Galleon filled with thieves, pirates and whores victimizing the voting public. And here, Camp Coleman’s Clowns call their next witness – Peter DeMuth:

The Coleman team is continuing to call as witnesses some aggrieved voters to complain that their ballot was wrongly rejected … One of them was college student Peter DeMuth…

Upon cross-examination by Franken attorney Kevin Hamilton, DeMuth said he was contacted by the Republican Party and told about the problem. “They asked me if I knew my absentee ballot had been rejected. I said no,” said DeMuth. “They asked me if I was a supporter of Norm Coleman, and I said yes, and they proceeded to ask me if I would like to go further.

Let’s think about this for a moment: Over the last several days, the Coleman camp has said repeatedly that they are not cherry-picking who they’re helping out, that they don’t know who the people they’re advocating for actually supported, and for all they know they’re helping out Franken-voters.

FruitFlyHrmmm… Perhaps they should consider asking Shirley Graham to come on down and ask why Coleman wouldn’t count her vote!!

Idiots! Blithering Idiots!! I just ran out of fingers and toes counting the ways… But I’m going to hold up my middle fingers on both hands and let Coleman’s Clowns know I’m counting on two points where they’ve proven themselves to be northing short of an excercize in Stupidity.

Good-bye to the famous Brass Rail

brassraildoorway1It isn’t the oldest gay bar in the Twin Cities, but it’s in the top three!  The Brass Rail closed its doors last night with some weird politicizing going on behind the scenes. The place was nose-diving in the past month to the point of obscurity, so it was bound to happen.  In case you were curious, the “19 Bar” is the oldest known gay bar to still be in business dating back to the late 1950’s if I’m not mistaken.  “The Rail” became a gay bar in 1974 when the current owners, a str8  married couple, changed it from a supper club into a gay bar.  The husband died shortly after the purchase and his wife Marguerite owned it up until the early ’90’s.   She recently passed away just a few years ago.

“The Rail” was purchased by a petulant spoiled punk who practically ran the clientele out of the bar manually.  Long time patrons of the bar vowed never to step foot inside of that bar as long as “The Punk” remained its owner.  They’re getting their wish: Peter Hafiz, the current owner of Sneaky Pete’s and the Gay 90’s is forcing a buy-out.  Well, that’s not entirely true either, the management staff of the Brass Rail is sort of forcing Pete to take it away from “The Punk”.

Pete, purchased the building from The Punk about a year ago.  The guy owned the building and the business, also owned a major landscaping business in Florida where he resides.   He fudged on contracts in a major contract in Florida where he was sued for almost everything he had.  Looking desperate for cash, he sold the building to Pete and keept the business.  During that time, he would routinely call his friends in Minneapolis and ask them to be his spies and report on how the bartenders were doing and how many people were in the bar.  It was also common for him to tell his spies that their drinks were free if they would report back to him and when the bartenders look for payment, they were met with a rash of text messages and voice mail and firing the bartender.  The following morning, the managers would call The Punk, who lives in Florida to find out why the bartender was “allegedly fired”.  The Punk would be confused and proclaim that he had absolutely no knowledge that he even talked with the bartender.  He would finish the conversation to brag how much had had to drink night before and wish the manager a nice day!

Pete offered the Petulant Punk $100,000 to purchase the Brass Rail (the business) at the same time he was buying the building from him.  The Punk turned him down flat-out thinking the business would be worth more as a separate entity. Now, the business is behind in four months rent which means that Pete can easily say; “Okay, I’ll give you $30,000 for your business, but since you already owe me $20,000 in back-rent, here’s a check for $10,000 and now you go away.”

FruitFlyOr, Pete could simply file for a new liquor license under a whole new name and the four to six weeks it takes to get that to go through, Pete will be busy cleaning up the bar, laying out new carpet and putting up digital monitors on the walls and tidying up the place.  Lord knows the bar could use some cleaning up.

Hey… Maybe he could call it “the Fruit Fly Bar” and I would run it!  Wouldn’t that be sweet?!

41 Republicans on the wall; Take one down, Pass him around…

rottenfruitThey just can’t get their act together. The GOP has 41 seats in the US Senate and they’re barely hanging on to what they have at that. We’re just about to finish our first week in President Obama’s new administration and it’s all over the Internets that five Republican Senators are ditching their offices in the upcoming 2010 election.There are 19 Republican-held seats scheduled for the election compared to 15 Democratic-held seats.

fruitfly21Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) is leaving to persuit a career as Texas’ new governor. (Apparently, current governor Rick Perry (R) isn’t good enough, Senator Hutchinson is planning on teaching him a thing or two on governing Americans crappiest Hell hole. So it’s a step-up for her, you see.)

fruitfly21Kit Bond (R-MO) is leaving the Senate because he’s older than dirt he wants to “step aside”. Specifically;

“I have decided to step aside, not to retire, but to pursue other things and do things which I think can be worthwhile,” Bond said. “I don’t have any plans now. I’m going to finish my official duties, and then I’ll see what pops up.”

It’s a kind of B.S. answer – but everything the Republican Party does is pretty much a B.S. We would be arrogant to expect anything more from them.

fruitfly21George Voinovich (R-OH) announced the day before Obama’s inauguration that he was ditching the US Senate. What was his excuse?

“I must devote my full time, energy and focus,” he said, “to the job I was elected to do, the job in front of me, which seeking a third term – with the money-raising and campaigning that it would require – would not allow me to do.”

Thrilling, don’t you think? Yeah, it didn’t make any sense to me either. I’m guessing he made that announcement after his liquid lunch and half of those consonants were so slurred, he could have been arrested for DWB… (Drunk While B.S.-ing.)

fruitfly21Mel Martinez (R-FL) on Tuesday (Inauguration Day) has announced his leaving the US Senate. Martinez has complained that he wants a less scheduled life and more free time. Martinez’s reality-grip isn’t based on his lack of free time, but rather his unpopularity in Florida. Quoting Chris Cilliza of The Fix:

President-elect Barack Obama’s victory in Florida last month coupled with Martinez’s ties to the unpopular outgoing president made him a major target for Democrats heading into the 2010 cycle. A Quinnipiac University poll conducted last month showed 36 percent of Florida voters thought Martinez deserved a second term while 38 percent did not

Ouch! That hurt me, and I’m not even being shot at by a Cuban gang-banger mistaking me for a German tourist in an Enterprise rental!

fruitfly21Sam Brownback (R-KS) already made it clear in St Paul, MN at the 2008 RNC convention while talking to the Kansas delegation: “I ain’t running”. Instead, he’s looking to being the Kansas’ newest governor while the current governor — Kathleen Sebelius; plans to run for Brownback’s chair in the US Senate. (And when the music stops, whoever doesn’t have a chair has to give Dick Cheney his sponge bath and shave his back-hair.)

So now we have five Republicans who are ditching the US Senate for the upcoming 2010 mid-term election: Do you think the GOP would be in full throttle-mode ensuring that they don’t lose anybody else?


fruitfly21From Politico:

Some Republicans are privately urging Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.) to step down at the end of his term amid growing concerns that he can’t win reelection in 2010.

According to two GOP sources, leading Republican fundraisers in Kentucky are hesitant to raise money for Bunning and have told him he should not seek a third term.

“They want him to realize he’s had a good run but that it’s time to move on. These people want to win, and they realize he could easily lose this seat,” said one leading Kentucky Republican operative who requested anonymity to speak candidly.

While national campaign officials usually urge their incumbents to remain in office — recognizing it’s tougher to defend an open seat — even leading Republicans seem unconvinced Bunning can win reelection.

That’s right larva and pupa: They’ve got six US Senators who are leaving their party like rats on a Spanish galleon set on fire – but now they’re crawling around kicking other party members out of the Senate Love Boat that they think will lose anyway! This head-count means that in the 2010 mid-term elections and almost 33% of the Republicans are vacating their seats. A worst predicted election than the GOP had in 2006 and 2008 combined.

The final act of political cannibalism wraps up with this little caveat:

In another signal that the state GOP political establishment isn’t lining up behind Bunning, not a single member of McConnell’s 2008 reelection team has signed on to assist Bunning’s bid for a third term.

FruitFly 6I give up! The GOP is getting far too ugly! It’s like watching the lioness eating one of her own cubs: The little tyke meows twice, there’s a soft snap and Mom begins to chew on it’s head.

Team Obama

Admitting my addiction to the DailyKos, I spotted this and I admit; I was captivated. It’s a photo essay of those closest to our brand-new President of the United States and the role they played, or will play to make this administration happen. (Click on the “Happy Face” to launch the essay.)


Not only did I find each individual’s brief bio interesting, I was also fascinated by the details; their clothing, pose, facial expressions, etc. For example; Hillary Clinton’s photo was very interesting to me. Hint: It isn’t flattering! Eugene Kang’s photo was the most interesting. He simply stands there and holds a book in front of his face.. (Mr. Kang (24 years old) will be President Obama’s Special Assistant to the President.)

FruitFly 6It’s a “Photo Essay” must-see for every political junkie starving for something far more interesting than Norm Coleman’s (R-MN) narcissistic stupidity or Caroline Kennedy’s “miscommunication” mass-media blooper.

Bush, The Unloved

Aww… This is sad news!

But wafting around Bush on Tuesday were sights and sounds that his tenure, which began with controversy eight years ago, had ended in controversy as well.

Just as demonstrators protested his court-mediated victory in 2000, so the disenchanted lined Avenue on Tuesday to express dismay with the way the presidency turned out.

As he drove with Obama to Capitol Hill, he passed protesters carrying signs reading “Arrest Bush.” When Bush made his entrance onto the grandstand, the crowd below began singing, “Hey, hey, hey — good-bye.” One man waved his shoe.

And when Bush’s helicopter lifted off from the Capitol, cheers rose from the throng below.

Obama InaugurationLOL! One dude waved his shoe… LOL! It was 15 degrees in Washington DC at that time, but some dude took the time-out to whip out a shoe and threaten Bush with it.

The last time I had that many laughs was reading the story about that ambulance driver right after Hurricane Katrina blew the snot out of everybody in New Orleans and everything within a 50 mile area. DICK Cheney was trying to look important giving an interview and the guy from behind the camera lens was shouting “Go Fuck yourself Cheney!” and the journalist standing nearby immediately asked: “Do you get a lot of that Mr. Vice President?”!FruitFly 6

LOL! The dude threatens Bush with a shoe. I’m going to be laughing about that all day today. LOL! Bush, The Unloved. LOL! Bush is in Texas, America’s “Shit Hole State” and all he has is Laura to convince that he’s wonderful. LOL!

Syanara muthafucka!! …with a shoe!!

Madonna nude, complete with hairy bush

Americans are so touchy about nudity. I remember a trip to Florence, seeing Michelangelo’s Il David for the first time. You could pick out the Americans like seeds in a watermelon spitting contest. It was the Euro Trash standing around appreciating the piece, studying dimension, portion and attention to detail.

So here you go – Madonna’s hairy bush — with a ginormous “Who cares anyway?!” right behind it.

d5176357lThe photograph, taken by Lee Friedlander (b. 1934) is being sold at Christies with an opening bid between $10 – to $15,000. Click on the photo and place your bid…

FruitFly 6 Like I said: Americans are just weird about nudity. Whether they’re embarrassed by a gigantic stone penis hanging off a 300 year old marble statue or it’s a nude photo of a pop icon… Americans are just weird!!

I should run over and check out Perez Hilton and see if he’s posted the same picture – complete with some lame Photoshop “cum shot-dribble” thing…

Can someone cover up that bush already?!?! Cheeze….She’s hairier than I am!

News Flash! A Democrat found his spine! News Flash!

scooby_dooRut-roh Scooby! It would appear that Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) has found his spine! In an unprecedented move on behalf of any Democrat, Congressman Conyers decided to write a spiffy little piece in the Washington Post today calling an investigation into the Bush Administration!

I know! I know! It’s incredible, don’t you think!! By the way – that thud you just heard was your jaw hitting the floor.  I heard it all the way over here, too!  It was more like a “thump” than it was a “thud”, don’t you think?

This week, I released “Reining in the Imperial Presidency,” a 486-page report detailing the abuses and excesses of the Bush administration and recommending steps to address them. Arthur Schlesinger Jr. popularized the term “imperial presidency” in the 1970s to describe an executive who had assumed more power than the Constitution allows and circumvented the checks and balances fundamental to our three-branch system of government. Until recently, the Nixon administration seemed to represent a singular embodiment of the idea. Unfortunately, it is clear that the threat of the imperial presidency lives on and, indeed, reached new heights under George W. Bush.

For seven years I’ve said this President was the embodiment of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes“. True to the story, I’ve always felt I was the little kid in the crowd to shout out: “Yo! That dude is naked as a jaybird!!” and nobody paid me any attention. Now that Conyers has begun calling on this “Imperial President”, I can only assume he was thinking about me.

fruitfly21Conyers complains about the needless War in Iraq (and the bullcrap that Bush threw at us to go into Iraq in the first place), the Bush Administrations warrantless wiretapping of Americans, detentions and interrogations, politicizing of the US Justice Department, ravaging our regulatory system, using signing statements to override laws and silencing whistle-blowers to name just a few. (Whew! That’s a lot of bitching!) Which I think would be scratching the surface of all the crap that Bush has done. As much as I love say that Bush is an Idiot, I have to hand it to him; He was pretty good at breaking the law (and everything else on the Planet).

Conyers lays out a three-point plan, which I think is pretty good:

First, Congress should continue to pursue its document requests and subpoenas that were stonewalled under President Bush. Doing so will make clear that no executive can forever hide its misdeeds from the public.

Second, Congress should create an independent blue-ribbon panel or similar body to investigate a host of previously unreviewable activities of the Bush administration, including its detention, interrogation and surveillance programs. Only by chronicling and confronting the past in a comprehensive, bipartisan fashion can we reclaim our moral authority and establish a credible path forward to meet the complex challenges of a post-Sept. 11 world.

Third, the new administration should conduct an independent criminal probe into whether any laws were broken in connection with these activities. Just this week, in the pages of this newspaper, a Guantanamo Bay official acknowledged that a suspect there had been “tortured” — her exact word — in apparent violation of the law. The law is the law, and, if criminal conduct occurred, those responsible — particularly those who ordered and approved the violations — must be held accountable.

That’s fairly well thought out. Conyers also notes the sensitivity of the subject matter which shows credit to his intellect:

I understand that many feel we should just move on. They worry that addressing these actions by the Bush administration will divert precious energy from the serious challenges facing our nation. I understand the power of that impulse. Indeed, I want to move on as well — there are so many things that I would rather work on than further review of Bush’s presidency. But in my view it would not be responsible to start our journey forward without first knowing exactly where we are.

We cannot rebuild the appropriate balance between the branches of government without fully understanding how that relationship has been distorted. Likewise, we cannot set an appropriate baseline for future presidential conduct without documenting and correcting the presidential excesses that have just occurred. After the Nixon imperial presidency, critical reviews such as the Church and Pike committees led to fundamental reforms that have served our nation well. Comparable steps are needed to begin the process of reining in the legacy of the Bush imperial presidency.

Nicely worded and he’s absolutely correct! And, I think the topic is dead before the Washington Post even went to press. The Republican Party will find it very difficult to let Conyers, who is chairman of the Judiciary Committee, continue on with any investigation. The Republican Party will not let Bush be investigated without crying like babies. They’ll paint the picture in the media as political revenge. However, they’ll dig themselves deeper by preventing Conyers to go on ahead and investigate. “If Clinton can be impeached for getting a hummer in the Oval Office, are you saying everything Bush has done is okay?!” You see what I mean? The logic doesn’t flow.

Lastly, I think there are some Democrats who are as thick at thieves with the GOP and the Bush Administration and I don’t think they’ll be too thrilled to see the train coming at them either. You’ll never convince me that people likeFruitFly 6 Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) were clueless about torture and rendition going on in Gitmo. Especially when it was Feinstein who lead the charge to go ahead and confirm Michael Mukasey as Attorney General without answering the simple question regarding water-boarding; “Is it torture?” The Dems are going to have a lot of difficulty protecting themselves during the investigation and they’ll be caught in the same pinch.

Feeling Shafted?! Join the crowd!

shaft_movieHow’s this for a bit of dishonesty from your friendly local petroleum companies…

Oil prices fell below $40 per barrel Friday for the first time this year as the government reported the nation’s worst annual job losses since World War II.

People are traveling less, manufacturers are slashing production and there are job cuts across almost every sector of the economy, leading to a severe drop-off in energy use.

But don’t get too excited boys and girls! The price gouging has only begun!

Gas now costs a dime more per gallon than it did just a month ago even as crude prices fall. Gasoline bottomed out at $1.61 a gallon on Dec. 30 and prices have yet to catch up with the latest drop in crude.

Ain’t that sumpin’?! Earlier in 2007, the higher the oil prices – the higher the price at the pump!

“It’s all based on Supply and Demand!!” they pontificated! “If everybody would just use less of it – the prices would go down!” But not any more! Everybody’s using less, and the prices still go up!”

FruitFly 6Has anybody seen prices go down in your local grocery store?! They raised those prices to offset the price of Diesel and gas, but gas has been at rock bottom for three months now and still – no relief from the grocers.

Feeling shafted these days?! Congratulations! You’re an American!! Enjoy your shaft!!