Oh Thank God! MN Courts define “Family”. Gays, Lesbians…Not so fast!

cleavers13Oh darn it, Wally! Apparently the Great State of Minnesota has decided that I’m not allowed to be identified as a “family”! While the unclean heterosexuals who live on either side of our private home, (including the unclean heterosexuals who live across the street) who are all enjoying coitus un-interrupted, my private homosexual family has been disbanded by the Minnesota Courts.

Thank you very much, Minnesota!

We’ve always counted on your “Minnesota Nice”, and you’ve come through with flying Rainbow Colors!

A Minnesota appeals court judge upheld a ruling on Tuesday (pdf) that found it legal for the Rochester Athletic Club to deny a family membership to a lesbian couple because the couple is not married. The case spotlights an instance where Minnesota anti-discrimination laws — some of the toughest in the country — are ineffective so long as same-sex couples cannot marry.

Okay… So gay couples are not allowed to be married, yet Str8 couples can marry and they can get membership perks from the Rochester Athletic Club?!!

If blacks were not allowed to be married and whites were offered special discounts on linens and fine china just by producing a marriage license – would Minnesota be talking about discrimination in this state?

My stupid brother was married by the Minnesota Justice of the Peace… to a woman, for God’s Sakes. Me? Hell no! I’ve been “married” to my “husband” for over nine years now…(Complete with a dog named “Little Otis” and a 10 gallon fish-tank!) Minnesota gives tax-breaks to my brother that I’m not allowed, and now the Great State of Minnesota has right-wring “activist judges” who’ve decided that I’m not even allowed to be called “a family”?!?! FruitFly 6


Where is the ACLU in this case? <crickets> <crickets>

Oh nevermind – the ACLU is still too busy with that Rush Limbaugh’s private pill-popping case.