Feeling Shafted?! Join the crowd!

shaft_movieHow’s this for a bit of dishonesty from your friendly local petroleum companies…

Oil prices fell below $40 per barrel Friday for the first time this year as the government reported the nation’s worst annual job losses since World War II.

People are traveling less, manufacturers are slashing production and there are job cuts across almost every sector of the economy, leading to a severe drop-off in energy use.

But don’t get too excited boys and girls! The price gouging has only begun!

Gas now costs a dime more per gallon than it did just a month ago even as crude prices fall. Gasoline bottomed out at $1.61 a gallon on Dec. 30 and prices have yet to catch up with the latest drop in crude.

Ain’t that sumpin’?! Earlier in 2007, the higher the oil prices – the higher the price at the pump!

“It’s all based on Supply and Demand!!” they pontificated! “If everybody would just use less of it – the prices would go down!” But not any more! Everybody’s using less, and the prices still go up!”

FruitFly 6Has anybody seen prices go down in your local grocery store?! They raised those prices to offset the price of Diesel and gas, but gas has been at rock bottom for three months now and still – no relief from the grocers.

Feeling shafted these days?! Congratulations! You’re an American!! Enjoy your shaft!!

3 Responses

  1. Dear Fruit Fly,

    Your story is as entertaining as well as good commentary.

    However, I really wonder about the phrase “Feeling shafted these days?! Congratulations! You’re an American!! Enjoy your shaft!!”. Which I interpret as a sexual reference, which may just mean that I am very good at making sexual references out of nothing or maybe it is what you meant,

    Obviously I have listened to much buzzing, and maybe the mosquitoes have too much of my blood however I would normally think that Americans think that sex is one of the best experiences in life and that wishing people have more of a best experience would be a positive.

    Yet the sexual reference of shaft here and other not mentioned explicit references are meant negatively,

    Hmmm, negative or positive,

    Obviously, the fruit fly needs to pontificate and enlighten readers like me, to the latest buzz on what is the proper references and interpretations.

  2. I believe the operative word describing my tone would be “sarcasm”.

    I’m reminded of a skit Whoopi Goldberg did when she was doing stand-up. She posed as if she was Ronald Reagan and chatted to an invisible farmer as if he was the farmer’s best friend. Then, as she continued to pretend to be Reagan who was allegedly so friendly to the American farmer, she climbed around behind her imaginary friend and posed to begin screwing the farmer in the rear.

    While I’m thinking about it, did you happen to see 60 Minutes last night?!!? Their first story in the show was about this exact same topic!

    I was like “Woah! The Fruit is way ahead of the curve ball on this story!!”

    Anyway – thanks for the comments. I love everyone of ’em.

    Fruit F. Fly

  3. the only food prices that seem to be returning to ‘normal’ are those for pork products….but that is due to farmers reacting to corn prices, and getting rid of their hogs .. which means i suppose we’ll have a pork belly bubble? (yikes, just tried to picture that!)

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