Syronara Norm!!! You’re still a weasel!

coleman2This is the stuff that makes me grin: From the City Pages:

After their official welcome Tuesday, new Senators got to feel real official when they saw their names printed on the updated Senate phone list. There’s no going back now!

As should be expected, but still worth noting, Coleman’s name was promptly removed from the list, leaving Minnesota with only one Senate phone number for Minnesotans to call incessantly with their non-problems. We feel really bad for Amy Klobuchar’s interns. Al Franken’s name was not included.

A story like this only means that the US Senate government staff workers will begin dismantling his office furniture and leaving it vacant for Senator Klobuchar (or any other Senator) to move in if it has a great view, fewer drafts or better heat. He’s been written off the books and the US Senate has moved on.

The rest of this Coleman v. Franken story can be wrapped up into a very expensive (and) pointless spending adventure paid for gratis of the Minnesota tax-payer. Nothing will come of his frivolous lawsuits, and the Minnesota tax-payer will have to foot the bill for all of it. Now that Larry Craig (R-ID) has finally given up wasting Minnesota tax-payer money, Norm will take over for now.

One more cartoon to discuss this topic…

coleman1It says it all, doesn’t it? Here’s the Republican Party who is perpetually bitching about tax-dollars being wasted.

You can click and take a look-see at the entire US Senate “Rolodex” here (Courtesy of Mother Jones). It’s a PDF.

Yup! You’re still a Weasel, Norm!
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