Madonna nude, complete with hairy bush

Americans are so touchy about nudity. I remember a trip to Florence, seeing Michelangelo’s Il David for the first time. You could pick out the Americans like seeds in a watermelon spitting contest. It was the Euro Trash standing around appreciating the piece, studying dimension, portion and attention to detail.

So here you go – Madonna’s hairy bush — with a ginormous “Who cares anyway?!” right behind it.

d5176357lThe photograph, taken by Lee Friedlander (b. 1934) is being sold at Christies with an opening bid between $10 – to $15,000. Click on the photo and place your bid…

FruitFly 6 Like I said: Americans are just weird about nudity. Whether they’re embarrassed by a gigantic stone penis hanging off a 300 year old marble statue or it’s a nude photo of a pop icon… Americans are just weird!!

I should run over and check out Perez Hilton and see if he’s posted the same picture – complete with some lame Photoshop “cum shot-dribble” thing…

Can someone cover up that bush already?!?! Cheeze….She’s hairier than I am!