Same sex marriage equality in Columbia, South America

Oh the irony: The Cocain Capitol of the Planet gives same-sex marriage equality while Californian’s watch their own marriage rights burn to the ground:

Gay and lesbian couples in Colombia are entitled to the same rights as straight couples in common-law marriages, the country’s Constitutional Court ruled yesterday.

In April 2008 gay rights group Colombia Diversa, the Centre for Law, Justice and Society (Dejusticia) and the Group of Public Interest Law at the University of the Andes, filed a lawsuit for equal rights for unmarried heterosexual and same-sex partners.

The court’s ruling means that civil and political rights such as nationality, residency, housing protection and state benefits will now be granted to same-sex partners.

Homosexuality in Columbia was decriminalized in the 80’s, and hate-crimes against GLBT people in this predominantly Roman-Catholic country of 45 million people was obviously out of control. It’s the fact that the GLBT people of Columbia, South America enjoy more rights than my “husband” and I enjoy here in Minnesota is nothing short of outrageous.

FruitFlyColumbians have more rights than we have here in the US!?

If you’re interested, the Republican Party is struggling to fight a same-sex marriage act going on in the Great State of Maine. It’s only interesting if you’re a lobster fanatic or if you’re a Stephen King junkie.

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  1. It is time to send the crazy christian taliban of America, and the stuck in the mud top leadership of the Catholic church, living in the stone age, straight to God’s own re-education camp.

    They are the perfect definition of hate filled mental illness.

    And then we can end the crime of homophobia, perpetrated primarily by the descendents of those who gave us slavery and segregation.

    And sit back and watch the real loss of their hatreds, for they say that by 2040 America will be like Cuba in one particular way – there is no color line there. Imagine – in a poverty stricken country, they are more advanced then in the United states.

    Remember reading about Shermans march to the sea during the civil war, how he burned Atlanta? Well, he screwed up. He should have burned every southern church, and shot all the ministers – the so called christians who were the proponents of slavery and supported it in their corrupt bible.

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