Oh Crap! Pepsi: Another company on my “You’re Banned” list

Pepsi – I should have known.

PepsiCo announced a multi-year deal with the makers of so bad it’s bad for you energy drink Rockstar, which is owned by conservative shock jock Michael Savage, who’s referred to us by such nice names as “sodomites” and has told us that we should all “get AIDS and die.” This comes after Pepsi was targeted by the American Family Association for donating a cool million to the Human Rights Campaign. What’s that about pleasing all of the people all of the time? You can voice your displeasure with Pepsi here.

We’ve axed Cracker Barrel a long time ago. We’ve axed Denny’s a long time ago, too.

We’ve honestly come to the conclusion that we simply don’t care: If you’re running a business that discriminates? …We’re not giving your business any of our money. Discriminates against Mormons? Hrmm… Nothing new here. Discriminates against Conservative Fundamental Baptist? Also something I’ve never heard of before. Hrmmm….

Discriminate against Republicans? Hrmm…OOOHH! The Fruit Fly blog! I remember now!! Yeah !!!

So let’s see: Pepsi is at Applebee’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, there’s that Taco Bell… Ewww yuck – Pepsi is knee-deep with the “fake-food” crowd anyway. Putting the Pepsi folks on the Banned List should be easy.

FruitFly 6My personal note to Corporate America: If you discriminate – You’re not getting my money!

It’s obvious Stupid: Discrimination is a rule that we define! Go ahead and Hate Us with you’re meat-puppet.

We hold our dollar, and you’ll never get it.



Gay dude wins in Big Boob Invasion

This is fun. From The Daily Express:

Allwyn Rondeau, 47, claimed that his life was “ruined” by colleague Lucy Chilton.

The tribunal, at Reading, Berkshire, heard how she wobbled her breasts while touching him.

She told Mr Rondeau, who worked for G4 Security at London’s Heathrow airport, that he “wouldn’t know what to do with a woman anyway”.

Mr Rondeau claimed he was “frogmarched” from work, stripped of his pass and suspended after he spurned Ms Chilton’s advances and she falsely accused him of harassing her.

In one incident she put his hand on her breasts and taunted him for being homosexual.When Mr Rondeau made a complaint about her behaviour, she remained at work with G4 Security, despite being under investigation.

Mr Rondeau successfully sued Ms Chilton and boss Brian Johnson, through the company, for discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, harassment, and the different ways in which his and Ms Chilton’s complaints were handled.

FruitFly 6
I’ve always said: “I have nothing against boobs. I like them in fact:  The hairier – the better!”

Sen Koering: Legislative Aide expected to apologize on Monday

What started out as a simple disagreement on public policy towards gay marrage, Senator Koering has managed to enflame the entire GLBT community thanks to his petulant little legislative assistant; Ken Swecker.   Holy crow!

Where did Senator Koering find this Swecker guy?  Did he come recommended with papers and accolades from The Jerry Fallwell and Anita Bryant Country Club?

Let’s just prop up Swecker’s letter for everybody to see.  Here:  You read and I’ll head out back grab some pitchforks and oil up the torches.  I’ll join you when you’re done:

My name is Ken Swecker, Senator Koering’s Legislative Assistant. Senator Koering and I both would like to respond to the e-mails we’ve been receiving regarding his intention to not vote in favor of Senate File 120. I am currently responding to the e-mails to give you the Senator’s home phone number so that you might call him over the weekend and speak with him personally on the matter. This much he asked me to do.

This Senate File bill 120 simply makes the Marriage and Family Protection laws gender neutral.  Senator Koering is openly gay, he’s a Republican and he’s planning to vote against this bill.   It’s heated sparks everywhere throughout the GLBT community (as we shall see).  But, let’s move on with Mr. Swecker and his Snotty-Gram and I’ll get those torches:

To add to that, as a personal statement, is to say that SF 120 is something that the majority of the People of Senate District 12, the People that he was elected to represent, do not favor this piece of legislation. In case you have forgotten, we are a government of the People, by the People, and for the People. He was not elected serve his personal interests. I personally believe that instead of sending e-mails full of threats and hateful words you should take his example to heart and congratulate him on being a legislator who cares more about what the People of his district want than what he may want personally. You and I both know that this is a rare quality to find, and just because this is contrary to how you wish for him to vote, you must remember and respect he is here to represent the interests of his rural Minnesota constituents who voted him into office. As a constituent of his myself, I am happy to see him take non-personal votes on several issues. After all, I would not want another politician taking another vote that would serve his or her personal interests more so than the People’s, would you?

I can testify all day long about how much Senator Koering cares for the People of Senate District 12. He ran three consecutive times, being defeated the first two, and why did he put himself through so much hard work? Do you think it was because he needed another job? Absolutely not! He did it because he believed he was the best person to serve the People that he calls neighbors, friends, and family. And especially now, in a time like this, we are being bogged down with this completely pointless issue. There are People in Morrison and Crow Wing Counties, and across the State who are losing their jobs, their homes, their insurance, and were you to ask them if this is an issue that should take one second of precedent over these conditions they’re facing every day, do you believe, do you honestly believe that they would say to you, ‘Yes, please, waste the time of the State Legislature with a piece of legislation that will not help, but in fact, overshadow the current situation we’re living in? Please, waste their time with this piece of legislation while I tell my son and daughter that mom and dad aren’t hungry tonight?’

I know very well that you will respond to this e-mail of mine with some probably quirky, snide, and very thoughtless comment that will make me out to be a bad person and threaten the Senator even more just as most of the absolutely tactless and disrespectful e-mails we’ve received have been written, but really, don’t waste your time. We’ll just put your e-mail where it belongs, in the trash.

The Senator’s home number is

He’s free on the weekends.

Very Sincerely, every word of it,
Ken Swecker

I hope you do not believe that this e-mail was written specific to the one that you sent, this is a blanket e-mail, being sent to everyone who has e-mailed us on this issue and I’ve already wasted too much time in responding to you. Good day.

See what I mean?  Oh!  And which do you want: a torch or a pitchfork?

Waymon Hudson, of The Bilerico Project made a rather poignant observation:

The basic idea that a leader can’t vote for something that is right, or has to vote for the mob rule, is a flawed concept as well. While I wonder if Koering and Swecker have done any kind of polling of his constituents to see how they feel on this issue (or if they are simply using it a as a shield for their own biases), the issue is actually pointless. The assumption in that argument is that the LGBT community is not part of “of the people, for the people and by the people.” Yes, everyone can have a fair shake, except us.

fruitfly21Hudson makes a great point: The difficulties of politics isn’t being a door mat for your own constiuents.  The difficulties of being a politician, at least a good politician, is making very tough decisions even when your constituents don’t agree with you! The good Senator can, with an open mind and an open conscious vote for this bill and then explain to his own constituents why he voted the way he did because it effects so many gay and lesbian lives who live in, and outside of his district!  This is a Minnesota Bill!  This isn’t a bill from the 12th District, about the 12th District and for the 12th District!

Towleroad noticed the phrase-ology that this whole issue is a waste of time and that’s it’s pointless.  I’m sorry: Did the Senator’s aid just say that my ten year relationship with my life parter was “pointless” and a “waste of time” to discuss?

Projector Ray over at The Stumbling Block dissects the entire letter line by line and hashes the crap out of it.

Breaking News:

I read this letter to my husband partner and said; “Ya know what?  I’m calling the Senator and pointing this last topic out.  This Ken Swecker’s comments are out of control.”

So, I called.  I used words like “Sir” and “No Sir.” And I pointed out to the Senator Koering that we’ve been together for 10 years now.  For his legislative aide to say that this topic was a waste of time was a reach that went too far!  The Senator agreed and stated that he agreed that the comment was uncalled for and he was going to have his aide write an apology to the public on Monday.

I said; “I told my partner here that Ken Swecker’s letter was extremely offensive.  Senator, my partner and I have been together for ten years now – and although Mr. Swecker thinks this issue is a “waste of time”, I don’t think that’s right.  My relationship with my partner is not a waste of time and that’s a horrible thing to say.”

He agreed and said he would have Mr. Swecker issue a letter of apology first thing on Monday.

He asked; “You know Fruit, you tell me this:  Shouldn’t I vote for what my constituents tell me?  If I ran a poll throughout my district, the people who wouldn’t be in favor of this bill far outnumber those who would!  Shouldn’t I vote the way my constituents want?”

I said; “Senator: I don’t think a politician who votes whatever his constituents want makes a very good politician.  A good politician has to make tough decisions – and many times, those decisions go against the will of his or her constituents.  How I define a good politician is when he or she makes very unpopular decisions and then explains to his or her constituents why it was the right decision!”

He sighed and agreed.  I added: “Mr. Senator, your vote for this bill because you’re gay yourself is also being disingenuous.  You need to vote one what’s best for all of Minnesota, and that includes all of people who’s lives are affected by this bill!”

He said: “You know, this goes another way too.  When I’m down in the Cities and I’m talking to a bunch of gay and lesbian folks and they don’t know me.  So they ask me what do I do?  And I tell them that I work for the state of Minnesota.   Then sometimes, they get a little more curious and they ask me what I do and I eventually have to tell them that I’m a state Senator.   Then they say; “Oh? DFL?!” and I tell them “No, I”m a Republican”.  Then all of a sudden, they don’t want to talk to me.  They have nothing to say to me.  So you see…The gay community can be just as bull-headed as the Repubolican Party can!  They need to losen up too!”

I laughed and agreed.  “We have gay friends who are Republicans and we have a rule: “Don’t talk politics!”

He laughed and said; “Exactly!  But I’m a politician”

I said;  “Senator, there’s a point also to be made here and that is your comment that you made regarding gay marriage.  You remarked that this gay marriage thing was going too fast and that you felt like you had to push back sometimes.  Senator – that’s not right either and you really know it.  Senator; gay and lesbian people – we proudly wear an upside-down pink triangle because Adolf Hitler and The Nazi Party made people like you and I wear one while thrown into concentration camps.  That was sixty-odd years ago Senator!  It was forty years ago when the Stonewall Riots happened in New York this coming June.  Forty years!  Senator, you really need to explain how  much slower this issue needs to go because we’ve been waiting a very long time!”

FruitFly 6He agreed and he said he’d think about this bill a lot before he cast his vote.

The Senator and I agreed that the topic of gay marriage should be talked about and that it was completely okay to disagree on the topic.  He pointed out: “You know, I don’t know how I’m going to vote on that bill – I just might vote yes on it!”

So there you have it my pretties!!   I may have just been the cog that turned on the Great Big Marriage Debate in Minnesota!

Little ole me…. the itty-bitty tiny little Fruit Fly up there  in the corner.

The next NY Post cartoon

I was curious how long it would take before someone would spoof those idiots over at the NY Post.


FruitFly 6

The Timely Meeting of Grace Kelly

grace-kellyOf all the throngs of Fruit Fly fans that are out there, one stands out as my biggest fan; Grace Kelly from the Minnesota Progressive Project. (Not the one in the photo to your right: That particular “Grace Kelly” kicked the bucket back in July, 1802.)

The other day, “MPP Grace” (as I like to call her) left a comment in one of my blog entries stating that she would love to meet me – perhaps for a cup of coffee! …perhaps for an interview.

I was floored and shoeless.

I get calls from curious semi-professional journalists from around the world all of the time. It’s ridiculous and it’s out of control:

“Fruit! Ohmygawd! Is it really you!?!? I’ve waited so long to hear what you sound like! Can I buy you a latte’ and talk??!!”

This goes on all of the time. My publicist added a second cell phone as a trunk-line so that if he’s on one cell-phone and someone else calls in – the second cell phone will ring.

“Omygawd! Is this Fruit?!?!”

It’s ridiculous.

No God Dammit, this isn’t Fruit. Go to Hell!

It’s my publicist. What can I say? Answering two cell-phones and he’s only got one arm.

I received the comment from Ms. Kelly and my head began to throb with another stress-headache. I decided to shut down the entire Fruit Fly operation. I rented the Minneapolis Target Center and called an emergency corporate-wide staff meeting (Yes, I have that many people on my payroll. And while I”m thinking about it – I just realized that I forgot to get rid of 600 jobs in the email-room by tomorrow.)

I’m meeting Grace Kelly tomorrow!!

That’s like… Someone saying they’re going to sit down for lunch with Barack Obama! Or like saying; “I was in the Ladies Room yesterday and I shared a moment with Hillary Clinton!!”

I left my cell-phone number in a reply email that I sent to her people. I was specific to my staff: “Treat her with white-gloves,give her my private cell number, Send her three dozen white roses and a small lock of my hair, Goddamit!!!” I sounded very Jewish at the moment. There was a distinct Yiddish accent by the time I was dictating the roses and the hair-thing.

Well, tonight – our food service staff served up a delightful Argentinian steak with a fragrant chimichurri duet when my cell phone interrupted Yo- Yo Ma and his stringed quartet in the other room. My husband life partner slammed his caviar fork down and cursing the interruption. I decided to err on the side of Safety by ignoring the incessant ringing phone.

Embarrassed, I waved timidly towards Yo-Yo encouraging him to continue his aria and I quietly whispered to the service staff to put the phone on mute.

Immediately after we enjoyed the Baked Alaskan, I was thumbing my cell phone’s buttons digging up the mysterious caller. (I think tonight’s Baked Alaskan was named “Dave”, but I’m not sure.)

It was her! I knew it! “MPP Grace” dialed my private cell phone!

“Oh my Goddess!!” I thought. “This is bigger news than when Janet Jackson’s boob fell out of her football pass and Tiki Barber caught The Clap!”

The number on my cell phone was a Six-Five-One area code and that could only mean: “St Paul Caller”! I fought my horrible nervous tick, sighed a nervous moment and clicked “SEND” to dial the number back. My brain racked inside my skull: “You! You are dialing The Grace Kelly!! And not the Grace Kelly who kicked the bucket back in July of 1802!!!!”

It rang the first time, I nibbled on a petulant thumbnail. The rang a second ring time; horrific thoughts entered my terrified brain: “What if she doesn’t answer?” – “What if she’s really a Dude?!”

She answered the phone on the third ring and it was like all of the air in my lungs was pulled out of my chest by a giant tow-truck!



It was ** THE ** Ms. Kelly!


I now have Grace Kelly’s phone number on my Speed-dial #97252431105!!

She said “Hello” and I tried to swallow the remainder of Dave on my dessert plate….stumbling for an adjective…desperate for even a verb!

She talked to me like I was a resident in an Assisted Living complex and I didn’t finish my cherry Jell-O pack. While I stammered, she causally finalized the details: 1:00PM @ O’Gara’s, An awesome little Irish Pub. (The owner and I used to have sexual affair, so my lunch will probably be comped.)

I need to update my security detail and notify my driver.

Kelly came back at me by trying to describe herself. We’ve never met, of course; and since she doesn’t have a cell phone: How will I know that she’s really … she?!? How will she know that me is really me…

There was that one picture I posted of myself here in the Fruit Fly blog when I was in the world famous Lavender magazine. I had to take the blog entry down because my driver and my security detail couldn’t manage their way with the throngs of people who recognized me!

For example; I had a meeting with Taro Aso, the current Prime Minister of Japan two days after I had posted my picture on this blog. My driver had to deal with one crazed fan who decided to lay down in my driveway as if she was in Tiananmen Square and we were a giant-sized military tank.

I knew then that I had to take my self-portrait off my blog with the simple hoped that could reduce the number people who would be killed by my limousine livery service through the future.

So, to avoid any more embarrassment, this is what I look like:

FruitFly 6

See you soon, Grace!!

Gay Republicans in Minnesota: Where can we send them?!

I don’t understand why politicians vote against their own personal best interests, let alone the best interests of the community as a whole.

But, that’s what we’ve got here in this situation and that’s why I have to write this post as another “Minnesota Republican Exposed”. It’s just sad.fruitfly21

Andy Birkey, over at the Minnesota Independent brings us this tiny blurb about Republican Senator Paul Koering, R-Fort Ripley (Minnesota). Senator Koering is openly gay, but votes homophobic! And I just don’t understand it…

Mr. Birkey writes in a piece titled Minnesota’s gay Republican will not vote for marriage equality bill:

State Sen. Paul Koering, R-Fort Ripley, told KLKS on Friday that he will not vote for the Marriage and Family Protection Act, a bill that would make Minnesota’s marriage laws gender-neutral, allowing same-sex couples many of the rights currently denied by Minnesota statute. Koering, who is gay and a Republican, said he would vote against it because the state faces bigger problems.

The last line is always the tell, isn’t it? Senator Koering is going to vote against this measure because the state has bigger problems.


Does that mean that Senator Koering is going to vote against, say… School lunch programs too?

The state does have bigger problems than a “School Lunch” issue. Feeding low-income school children is a serious problem for the Republican Party, is-it-not?

Senator Koering (R-MN) adds:

“I think some of the gay activists will be upset with me for this, but sometimes I think an agenda is pushed so far and so fast that people have no alternative but to push back,” Koering told Raw Story at the time. “And I think that sometimes you have to move slowly.

Please tell me – what agenda is being pushed so fast that requires Senator Koering to “push back”?

Would Senator Koering have voted against letting women vote for elected officials in this country? (That was a pretty fast moving agenda, afterall – wouldn’t you agree?!?)  …Your Mom, your Aunt.. ehem .. your sister..  <- They get to viote these days and now you have to reconcile their decisions..

And to think; “Minnesota Senator Paul Koering is gay!” He’s a Homosexual! <-  Brainerd and Ft Ripley folks hate him because he’s Gay and he’s proudly Inferior to the heterosexuals of his districts.  Senator Koering is patsy to the Conservative Christian Elite.

The Stonewall Riots took place forty years ago this coming June 2009.


fruitfly21Is that an agenda that’s a little too fast for his queasy stomach?! Better question asked; “How much slower should it go?

I don’t want to sound simplistic or sarcastic — but honestly: “Forty years isn’t enough?”

Would measured half-centuries be slow enough?

pink-triangle2It’s been over seventy years since gay men were thrown into concentration camps by the Nazis.

Whether Senator Koering believes it or not: There used to be a thriving liberal and progressive Germans in that day and gay and lesbian Germans were slowing gaining status within Germany high society crowds. In fact, the first modern Gay Rights Activist was Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895) who argued that homosexuality was as natural as being left-handed. Adolf Hitler put a stop to all of it and he gave the gay community the symbol we now wear with pride: The famous Pink Triangle, but hung upside down.

Was this an agenda that was … ehem – “Pushed too fast” for the Minnesota Senator?

I’ll ask again: “Was 70 years of political equality enough time for Senator Koering?”

I’m thinking the Senator shouldn’t even be seen around the pink triangle these days. It’s probably an “agenda” that’s just too fast for him and he should push back by just not being near any ping triangle symbols.

It was about 600 years ago when they accused and tied (alleged) witches up to a pyre, surround it in wood, pouring fueling oil over all of it, including the helpless “witches”. The priests and religous bigots would shout into the crowds: “GET THE FAGGOT! GET THE FAGGOT!” The crowds would scramble around and grab any guy they guessed who might be gay, lead him out of the crowed…Expected to be murdered. burn1

The priest and the religious bigots; conducted this monstrous and act would then order these “faggots” to be bound up with kindling wood. They doused their bodies in the same fueling oil and then light all of them on fire. Of course; the screaming and horrified “faggots” would eventually collapse and fall down — -and that’s when the crowds would kick their flaming bodies and roll all of them into the pyre and watch in a delighted horror as all of the fueling oil burst into a frenzied heat. The crowds had to step back because of the ferocious flames, while those on the pier and the poor (alleged) gay guys at the base were screaming in horror. The priests and the religious bigots would calmly lead the group in singing hymns and praises to the Lord.

Little children hid behind skirts while they listened to their mothers, their uncles and their aunts screaming in unbridled agony because their bodies were literally on fire.

The Church spent some paying for new techniques and methods of discovering more “witches”. Two Scottish men were given a decree and money from his Holiness, the Pope — to wander around throughout Europe to look for women who simply had a mole on their skin. They claimed the mole was where the “Devil had kissed them” while they fornicated with Him. All of the females, ages 12 and up, were told to stand in lines, naked from the waste up, and wait for these two Scottish “businessmen” conduct their “inspections” for moles. All of it was necessary, the the Christian Church, to keep their congregations obedient.

Of course, there was never a shortage of “faggots”.

But. Senator Koering of Fort Ripley here thinks this whole “gay agenda” is going a wee bit too fast for his taste. So, he’s going to “push back” because “the state as bigger problems to deal with these days”.

Say Senator! I have one finger that’s sticking straight up in the air – I’ll let you guess which one it is!

Gay Republicans. What’s the deal with them anyway? They’re like… “Jews for Jesus”, or “Black Klu Klux Klansman”… “Doctors for Self-Medication” or something.FruitFly 6

To learn more about how the Christian Church behaved during the Witchcraft Trials, read “Servants of Satan; the Age of the Witch Hunts” by Joseph Klaits, 1985. If the book will do anything; it’ll make you seriously consider the levels of cruelty that the Church will happily venture towards if given the power and the authority.

Norm Coleman prepping for an appeal – He’s still The Weasel!

Those communists over at MN Progressive Project… Ooooh — They make me so mad sometimes. That one guy, Mr. Big E – He stole my story right from under me!!

You see, I had to make two dinners! I had to make a dinner for my husband and then I had to make a dinner for our Little Otis. And all the while I’m fixing dinner for my small queer little family: Here comes The Big E who just rips my “breaking new story” right away from me. Oooooh… that makes me so mad.clenched-fist

One day I’ll have my revenge, Mr. Big E!! And then! …Oooooo!! You’ll be sorry!! You just mark my words!!

slime-moldWhile I contemplate my options for an apocalyptic revenge of unprecedented proportions; Let’s all talk about a much larger Minnesota Weasel who’s prepping up for an appeal:

Norm “The Slime” Coleman

Eric Kleefeld, over at Talking Points Memo has been watching Team Coleman in Minnesota’s courtrooms extremely close. “Micro-watching” you might say. He’s first published a story titled “Spokesman Declares Election ‘Fatally-Flawed, claiming that Team Coleman is splitting hairs offered up by election judges from Carver and Scott Counties.

Kleefeld wrote:

A Coleman lawyer/spokesman Ben Ginsberg’s post-court press conference today (c/o The Uptake), unveiled this new line: “You saw today in the testimony of Scott and Carver counties, why Al Franken’s current lead — and I use that term euphemistically — is based on..

theater-curtain…and the curtain rises at the (fake) Norm Coleman Theater… And we watch this play out:

The Coleman legal team used this afternoon’s examination of two county election managers, Kendra Olson of Carver County and Mary Kay Kes of Scott County, to explore their this-whole-election-is-a-disaster gambit again. Olson testified that she tried to be forgiving with some of the rules for accepting or rejecting absentee ballots — but not all.

Meanwhile, Scott County elections manager Mary Kay Kes said her county didn’t even check on a particular voter error that led Olson to keep out 181 ballots — what the Coleman camp claims is an inconsistency in treating ballots that rises to being a Constitutional violation.

Thus, Ginsberg said, there are votes already in the system that under the court’s recent ruling — which forbade Coleman from asking for some ballots to be counted — are to be considered invalidly cast.

Ta-da!! Applause! Applause everybody! What a brilliant performance! Positively brilliant! Applause!!

So the Coleman camp appears to be setting up a choice for this court or any future appeals: Either count all these rejected ballots, under Coleman’s novel Equal Protection claim, or we’ll insist that this whole election was illegal and demand a mulligan.

Kleefeld makes a cute observation as his final point:

Carver County, which has supposedly given Al Franken all these illegal votes, actually voted for Norm Coleman by 55%-29%, and Scott went for Coleman by 51%-31%. Even taking into account Franken’s statewide lead in absentee ballots, Coleman could have won them here.

hairballIt’s not that Coleman and his team is like a hair-ball yacked up by your favorite feline — it’s more like finding that same feline yacked up that same hair-ball and depositing it in middle of your pasta and marinara sauce. My point exactly: Norm Coleman is the giant hair-ball swimming in your meal, mixing it up with your tomato sauce and all those garlicky mushrooms.

In a second piece posted by Mr. Kleefled entitled: “Coleman Apparently Laying Groundwork for Appeal“, (The same story that Mr. Big E used in his story) Kleefeld unravels Coleman’s future intent.

Yesterday they (Team Coleman) asked the court to reconsider their ruling to not count certain categories of rejected ballots. And today they’ve continued to submit evidence from one of those categories into the record, ballots for which the voter failed to sign the application form.

The reason you would continue to submit evidence in a rejected category, to put it simply, is to make an appeal much easier. Coleman’s team is building up the evidentiary record that can be used in an appeals court …or perhaps the Senate itself — and the evidence will be assembled in case a higher judge rules with them as a matter of law that they should be counted.

There are two things that need to happen that will put a stop to all of this.

  1. Minnesota’s Supreme Court, or a federal judge, puts a kabosh on Coleman’s appeal-machine and shuts it all down. Yes, I’ll agree with Kleefeld’s implied prediction that Coleman will appeal and continue to appeal until he finds a sympathizing judge to declare the election that “mulligan” and all of us have to go back and vote all over again. Barring that sympathetic judge – someone in the Federal or the Minnesota judicial system will simply have to shut Team Coleman down and prevent him from any further appellate filings.
  2. The US Senate simply steps into this mess and seats Franken. Since the US Constitution declares that the Senate is the final arbiter of their members, and since the US Senate would be required to launch and ethics investigation on the whole Coleman-Kazeminy relationship should Coleman find a way to win this ballot-war — An intervention by the US Senate would be the only alternative option.

Buckle-up Minnesota: Norm Coleman’s going to be Minnesota’s biggest hair-ball swimming in our spaghetti for a very long time…Now, would someone please pass the Parmesan?


McCain criticizes Obama and his Stimulus Bill

Mexican fruit fliesIt seems that every Sunday morning, CNN becomes more and more of a right-wing tool. That guy John King; he’s the only “news” person on television who doesn’t have to tell us what his party affiliation is: He doesn’t have to — it’s grossly obvious.

Last week, John King had some Republican strategist named Alex Castellanos (as if I care), along with Donna Brazile and Gloria Borger (another GOP tool-job) in a four-way conversation. Between Castellanos demanding that Democrats practice strong bipartisanship on the Stimulus bill and Borger’s constant “dire warnings of repercussions” if Obama does anything wrong — and there sat Donna Brazile in the middle.  Not only was she the only Democrat sitting at the table, she was the only one who made any sense out of anything being discussed.fruitfly21

This grand and glorious Sunday morning, King is in a sit-down session with a Democrat John McCain for a chat-session to bitch about Obama (and his recent success for a Stimulus Package)..

But, what else is new?

It isn’t like CNN will take the time to interview say…Harry Reid or even Steny Hoyer any time soon. Democrats rarely get interviewed by themselves on CNN.  If CNN interviews a Democrat, the interviewer plays offense – forcing the Democrat to play defense. Then, the CNN-Interviewer follows up with a guaranteed interview with a couple of Republicans who will de-construct whatever was said five minutes earlier and the Republican is handed softball questions.   It’s really easy to spot the pattern.  Don’t even get me started on that Right Wing Tool-Job named Wolf Blitzer!  The only thing that hasn’t happened is that an elephant hasn’t crapped on Blitzer’s head to make that whole scene complete.

CNN simply kids themselves into thinking that we’re not paying attention. CNN is dead: Please don’t tell anybody that I predicted it first. CNN has outgrown their own “star quality” – Watching CNN is like watching a Brady Bunch Reunion, with all of the original non-talented actors standing around trying to think up something special to do and so they dress up in spandex and sing a song instead.

So to put some diversity in the Big Blond Network, they hire D.L. Hugely to pretend to be Bill Mahr an he ends up looking like Time Warner’s personalized Uncle Tom.  It’s such a crappy news source these days…Blondes, cranky old guys and then there’s D.L. Hugely.

So here’s CNN presenting the Republican candidate for President that lost in the 2008 election spitting on the Democratic candidate who won the 2008 election…on CNN. (Because the Loser of the 2008 Presidential Election will always makes better News? Sorry, I missed the follow-up interview CNN had with Al Gore and John Kerry.) And here’s McCain bitching about Obama’s Stimulus Bill:

“It was a bad beginning,” McCain said Sunday of the legislative process that resulted in the $787 billion stimulus bill recently passed by Congress. “It was a bad beginning because it wasn’t what we promised the American people, what President Obama promised the American people – that we would sit down together.”

Whatever… Obama sat down with the Congressional Republican behind closed doors, you stupid Old Goat. In fact; Senate Republicans rejected Obama’s offer of collaboration. In fact, while Obama was meeting with Republicans behind closed doors (something you’d never see Bush doing by meeting with Democrats behind closed doors), John McCain was front and center to criticize Obama’s lack of bipartisan ship as far back as last week!

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) belittled the negotiations on trimming the bill, calling them “discussions being held behind closed doors between two or three or four Republicans” and a group of Democrats with the aim of getting a filibuster-proof 60 votes to pass the legislation.

“Obviously, the overwhelming majority of Republican senators are opposed to this legislation,” McCain said. “This is not a stimulus bill. It is an Iraq War spending bill full of unnecessary spending in the Iraq Oil War.” He added that talks in which Democrats “try to pick off two or three Republicans” cannot lead to a “bipartisan agreement” borrowing money to fund the Iraq War. (Which costs the US Taxpayer over $3 Trillion!!)

McCain TalosianThis all boils down to one thing: “The Republicans don’t get their way anymore.” They’ve become spoiled children who can no longer suck off the teat of the American taxpayer. They’ll have to pay for their whores and their penis drugs out of their own pockets because the bribe money has dried up.

McCain continues crying and watch the logic-flow of his statement:

While McCain said he appreciated the fact that Obama came to Capitol Hill to speak with House Republicans about the stimulus bill. But, “that’s not how you negotiate a result.” Instead, “you sit down in a room with competing proposals” and “almost all of our proposals went down on a party-line vote”

“I hope the next time we will sit down together and conduct truly bipartisan negotiations. This was not a bipartisan bill.”

So…ummm… lesseee…. Ummm…You’re admitting that the Republican Party wasn’t being bipartisan? Because if you produced your proposals, and they went down on a party-line vote – that means it was the Republicans who aren’t bipartisan? And, to say that this wasn’t a bipartisan bill is pure bull-hockey.

It was the Democrats who compromised with the Republicans!

Many Democrats would have preferred a larger bill, but agreed to pare back, including cuts to favored education and health programs, to win three crucial Republican votes in the Senate.

“Legislation is the art of compromise, consensus building, and that’s what we did,” the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, said in announcing the accord.

Democrats are always capitulating with the Republicans and the Republicans will sit back and vote against the bill anyway! It’s an excercise in futility! Why compromise with anything the Republicans want when you know they’re going to vote against it anyway!

McCain continues:

McCain also spoke about the potential long-term effects of the stimulus bill.

“We are committing generational theft,” McCain said. “We are laying a huge deficit on future generations of Americans.”

Wait a second here! It was McCain who said he didn’t know anything about the economy.

Fact: In November 2005, McCain said in an interview:

“I’m going to be honest: I know a lot less about economics than I do about military and foreign policy issues. I still need to be educated.

Fact: In December 2007, McCain said about economics:

The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should,” but “I’ve got Greenspan’s book.”

He’s got a freaking book?!? He’s got a book?!?! Do you think Crayons came with that book too?

Fact: The Republicans wanted tax cuts in this Stimulus Bill and they got over $200Billion in tax cuts.

Fact: There were Republicans who added projects to this Stimulus Bill, who voted AGAINST the bill, then run around and brag about the stuff they added to that very same bill!

Fact: During the Banking Bailout plans when Bush was in office, it was once again McCain who was the spoiler in the room.

Democrats angrily accused House Republicans — and McCain, in particular — of grandstanding.
“John McCain did nothing to help. He only hurt the process,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said after attending the White House meeting.
Sen. Chris Dodd, the Banking Committee chairman who was among those announcing the agreement earlier in the day, questioned whether the White House meeting was a cynical GOP effort to make McCain seem like a statesman at a time when voters’ economic concerns have hurt McCain in the polls.

“For the life of me, I don’t know how what was going on (at the White House) was anything except political theater,” Dodd said after the meeting.

McCain’s interview with John King concluded with more stupidity:fruitfly21

Failure to bring the federal government’s spending back in line with its revenue once the economy improves could lead to inflation and debasement of the dollar down the road, McCain also told King.


Hrmmm… I wonder how concerned McCain was on federal spending when Bush demanded $30Billion a month for his Iraq Oil War? Did you see any concern about federal spending when McCain wandered aimlessly through the streets in downtown Bahgdad with 800 helicopters hovering over him and three platoons following behind him?

These Republicans are running a huge risk playing this hypocritical spoiled brat syndrome. If the economy does indeed tank, the American voter isn’t going to run to the GOP to fix the problem. The Republicans are

One Month Off arrogantly kidding themselves by playing this game. And if the economy does improve, like all signals are pointing towards – the were be little room for the GOP to have any bragging rights. But, since the GOP is only a Regional Political party now, we should hardly expect anything of significance from them anyway.

Watching Republicans catch a black-eye

This was fun to watch! JD Hayworth (R-AZ) getting getting kicked in the teeth by Chris Matthews and Harold Ford (D-TN) (Harold! Call me!!) on Hardball last night.

It’s a simple question Congressman Hayworth: “Would we be better off if we simply stuck to the policies we’ve had for the past eight years?!?”

The funniest part is when Harold Ford says; “This is why Barack Obama won last November.”

It just makes ya wanna scream! Since when did the Republican Party become lobotomized and magically turned into mush-mouths?! I used to appreciate and respect the Republican view. I didn’t have to agree with them – but I could respect them. These days, they’re sounding more and more like lion kill!Just give me money

“Would we be better off if we simply stuck with the policies we’ve had for the past eight years?!?!”

Just admit you were wrong, people! Are you that arrogant?!

Drug Addicts shouldn’t use computers

How long before we’ll see a boatload of Ditto-heads running around claiming that we took Rush Limbaugh “out of context” when he admitted that he’s completely computer illiterate?


Ahhh… Ummm… ehem. Rush! God love ya (and I truly don’t know how or why) but you’re still an idiot as far as I’m concerned. Find the little binoculars on your PDF Reader and you can search to your heart’s content… Oh wait… You need….a heart! <sigh> Nevermind!!
Looking for you
I wonder if Rush sobered up and simply stopped taking his Hillbilly Heroin Oxycontin he would become a lot smarter?! I mean, we’re all well aware that his little peter-pecker doesn’t work, but that shouldn’t a major effect on his IQ points would it? Well? Wouldn’t it?!? No really! I wanna know!! WOULDN’T IT?!