Daschle steps down, Health Care in America takes another hit

tdaschleHow long does this country live without effective healthcare?  Apparently healthcare in America is on-hold until the Republicans decide it’s time.   Which of course, means “Never”.

Amid all the shouting and complaining from the Republicans in Congress about his nomination, Senator Daschle has decided to withdraw.  Leaving President Obama and the American people to go back to the drawing board to find a new HHS Secretary.

Daschle has been battling for his nomination since it was disclosed he failed to pay more than $120,000 in taxes.

Daschle, in his statement, said he’s withdrawing because he’s not a leader who has the full faith of Congress and will be a distraction.

Earlier today;FruitFly21

Republican Sen. Jim DeMint on Tuesday called for President Obama to withdraw the nomination of Tom Daschle for health and human services secretary, becoming the first senator to say that the former majority leader’s tax problems are disqualifying.

DeMint told FOX News that Daschle’s failure to pay $134,000 in federal taxes reflects a “problem with integrity” that the government cannot afford to tolerate.

“It’s very unfortunate with Tom Daschle that this has occurred, but the president needs to lead. He needs to step in here and he needs to withdraw this nomination,” the South Carolina Republican said.

DeMint said he came to that conclusion after it became “obvious” that Daschle knew about the tax problems long before his nomination and did nothing to make it right.

“The average American would likely face criminal charges with tax evasion of this size, yet he did not address the issue until he was nominated,” he said.

The last sentance is “the Tell” that DeMint should have enough character to avoid.  You don’t need to snot all over the guy with a Boogey-Boogey comment.  The guy goofed up on his taxes, big freaking deal.  The fact that he apologized for the screw-up and then simply paid the tax then what’s the problem?  It isn’t like he was a Republican who ran sweatshops in Saipan and forced abortions on young women who were lured into those sweatshops.   I never saw Senator DeMint sputtering aboutwidth= “facing criminal charges” when Senator David Vitter (R-LA) dragged his wife out front and center (wearing a tight leopard-print dress) apologizing for being getting wrapped up in a diaper by the DC Madam just days after Hurricane Katrina and thousands of fellow Louisanan’s were drowned in the drink.   Where was Senator DeMint’s concern about facing criminal charges when Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) was caught being a Potty Pervert in the Twin Cities Intl Airport?  DeMint and the rest of the GOP have squandered this issue at the expense of Health Care in this country because Daschle’s “tax problem” wasn’t nearly as bad as any of their own.

Well, let’s take a look-see here:

  • President Obama:  75% Approve and 22% Unapprove
  • Congressional GOP: 24% Approve and 66% Unapprove
  • The Republican Party: 33% Approve and 58% Unapprove

FruitFly 6It look’s like we’ll gain more seats in 2010 if they keep this up!  In the meantime, our Emergency Rooms will continue to overflow, more and more people will lose their health care benefits as they’re laid off  and health care will continue skyrocket in costs.

To paraphrase Ol’ Ross Perot on NAFTA: “We’ll hear a giant sucking sound out of Congress in 2010, and it’ll be those Republican Dust-Bunnies that we’ll be getting rid of them once and for all.”