2009 Mens Fashion Show – Paris/Milan: My moment of Ugh!

All of these big industry tycoons in front of Congress – begging for cash, or explaining why they spent the cash we gave them foolishly. It makes you wonder what new industry will be begging for those welfare checks next!

I think I have the answer right here: The Mens Fashion Show recently held in Paris and Milan. Click on this fashion piece I’ve posted to get started. But before you go down this journey, let me offer you a complimentary high fashioned barf bag:

barfbag_2Trust me – you’ll need it…

Fashion Forward and then some

Any room left in that barf bag?! At least you can’t say I didn’t warn ya! And to think, I posted the one that was the most tame. The weired “head gear” thing was way over the top. Ugh!!
Suspicious Character

…Maybe these designers were all Republicans… Hrmmm… If they were Democrats, you’d see a lot of comfortable jeans, pull-over sweaters…maybe smoking a joint. …laughing while flipping the finger waving the peace-sign at the camera-man…

WHAT?!? I’m just sayin…!!

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