Drug Addicts shouldn’t use computers

How long before we’ll see a boatload of Ditto-heads running around claiming that we took Rush Limbaugh “out of context” when he admitted that he’s completely computer illiterate?


Ahhh… Ummm… ehem. Rush! God love ya (and I truly don’t know how or why) but you’re still an idiot as far as I’m concerned. Find the little binoculars on your PDF Reader and you can search to your heart’s content… Oh wait… You need….a heart! <sigh> Nevermind!!
Looking for you
I wonder if Rush sobered up and simply stopped taking his Hillbilly Heroin Oxycontin he would become a lot smarter?! I mean, we’re all well aware that his little peter-pecker doesn’t work, but that shouldn’t a major effect on his IQ points would it? Well? Wouldn’t it?!? No really! I wanna know!! WOULDN’T IT?!

Watermelon Abuse: My Battle for Purity

Human LeaguePlease, stop the abuse. Think of the innocent watermelons! Because everytime you touch your melons, an angel loses its wings…

h/t Jesus’ General. The famous heterosexual who’s always looking out for The Lord’s best interests.

Ditto Heads: Mary Rassmussen is a big fat Idiot

Here’s Minnesota’s Star Tribune “Liberal Press” at its finest.  Featured as The Letter of the Day, Mary Rassmussen of Farmington writes this piece of work entitled “To understand the real Rush, tune in to his radio show“:

I used to harbor an irrational hatred of Rush Limbaugh. I had never listened to him; I had no logical reason to hate him. I had listened to Democrats’ lies. The Feb. 9 article about Rush continued to spew disinformation. Much of what Rush says, such as calling himself “America’s truth detector,” is tongue-in-cheek, designed to irritate liberals. His comment that he hopes President Obama fails was taken out of context — he just wants Obama’s plans to fail. The writers of this article would know that if they listened to him.

These first three sentances reaks of lies.  “I used to harbor an irrational hatred of Rush…I had listened to Democrats’ lies. Yeah, right; and I have an irrational hatred for Ditto Heads who think Democrats are far more gullible than they are.

fruitfly21But it’s this sentence that made me fall of my chair: “His comment that he hopes President Obama failes was taken out of context — he just wants Obama’s plans to fail.” Ahh!!!  I see!  There’s a difference then?!

You see,  Rush (and apparently Mary Rassmussen of Farmington and her entire Ditto Headed fraternity) wants this Stimulus Package to fail so millions more Americans will lose their jobs.  Rush and Mary Rassmussen of Farmington wants the US Dollar to collapse so a loaf of bread will cost her $1,200 and a gallon of gas will run on the sale price of $6,245 a gallon!  Rush and Mary Rassmussen of Farmington are thrilled  by the notion of Americans standing  in long  soup-lines across this country.  What a joy to know that Rush and Mary Rassmussen hates Obama  so much – that they’ll stand and applaued when they hear the news that millions of children have been turned out of their homes because of starvation and destitution in our country.

Hooray!!!!  And Why does Rush and Mary Rassmussen want Obama’s policies to fail?! Why?!  Because, by jove!  …That’ll teach every damned American that Obama is NO GOOD!  …That his policies are WRONG! And Obama is just BAD FOR AMERICA!

Rush and Mary Rassmussen apparently, don’t want Obama to fail…  Oh No!!  That would be taking Rush Limbaugh out of context!!   No – they just want Obama’s policies to fail.  Because that would prove once Human Leagueand for all that Rush and Mary Rassmussen of Farmington, Minnesota are proud, decent and patriotic , flag waivin’ Americans!!

Fucking dumbasses…  Sheeshe.

And that, my friends, was the fucking Letter of the Day for the Minneapolis Star Tribune!