McCain criticizes Obama and his Stimulus Bill

Mexican fruit fliesIt seems that every Sunday morning, CNN becomes more and more of a right-wing tool. That guy John King; he’s the only “news” person on television who doesn’t have to tell us what his party affiliation is: He doesn’t have to — it’s grossly obvious.

Last week, John King had some Republican strategist named Alex Castellanos (as if I care), along with Donna Brazile and Gloria Borger (another GOP tool-job) in a four-way conversation. Between Castellanos demanding that Democrats practice strong bipartisanship on the Stimulus bill and Borger’s constant “dire warnings of repercussions” if Obama does anything wrong — and there sat Donna Brazile in the middle.  Not only was she the only Democrat sitting at the table, she was the only one who made any sense out of anything being discussed.fruitfly21

This grand and glorious Sunday morning, King is in a sit-down session with a Democrat John McCain for a chat-session to bitch about Obama (and his recent success for a Stimulus Package)..

But, what else is new?

It isn’t like CNN will take the time to interview say…Harry Reid or even Steny Hoyer any time soon. Democrats rarely get interviewed by themselves on CNN.  If CNN interviews a Democrat, the interviewer plays offense – forcing the Democrat to play defense. Then, the CNN-Interviewer follows up with a guaranteed interview with a couple of Republicans who will de-construct whatever was said five minutes earlier and the Republican is handed softball questions.   It’s really easy to spot the pattern.  Don’t even get me started on that Right Wing Tool-Job named Wolf Blitzer!  The only thing that hasn’t happened is that an elephant hasn’t crapped on Blitzer’s head to make that whole scene complete.

CNN simply kids themselves into thinking that we’re not paying attention. CNN is dead: Please don’t tell anybody that I predicted it first. CNN has outgrown their own “star quality” – Watching CNN is like watching a Brady Bunch Reunion, with all of the original non-talented actors standing around trying to think up something special to do and so they dress up in spandex and sing a song instead.

So to put some diversity in the Big Blond Network, they hire D.L. Hugely to pretend to be Bill Mahr an he ends up looking like Time Warner’s personalized Uncle Tom.  It’s such a crappy news source these days…Blondes, cranky old guys and then there’s D.L. Hugely.

So here’s CNN presenting the Republican candidate for President that lost in the 2008 election spitting on the Democratic candidate who won the 2008 election…on CNN. (Because the Loser of the 2008 Presidential Election will always makes better News? Sorry, I missed the follow-up interview CNN had with Al Gore and John Kerry.) And here’s McCain bitching about Obama’s Stimulus Bill:

“It was a bad beginning,” McCain said Sunday of the legislative process that resulted in the $787 billion stimulus bill recently passed by Congress. “It was a bad beginning because it wasn’t what we promised the American people, what President Obama promised the American people – that we would sit down together.”

Whatever… Obama sat down with the Congressional Republican behind closed doors, you stupid Old Goat. In fact; Senate Republicans rejected Obama’s offer of collaboration. In fact, while Obama was meeting with Republicans behind closed doors (something you’d never see Bush doing by meeting with Democrats behind closed doors), John McCain was front and center to criticize Obama’s lack of bipartisan ship as far back as last week!

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) belittled the negotiations on trimming the bill, calling them “discussions being held behind closed doors between two or three or four Republicans” and a group of Democrats with the aim of getting a filibuster-proof 60 votes to pass the legislation.

“Obviously, the overwhelming majority of Republican senators are opposed to this legislation,” McCain said. “This is not a stimulus bill. It is an Iraq War spending bill full of unnecessary spending in the Iraq Oil War.” He added that talks in which Democrats “try to pick off two or three Republicans” cannot lead to a “bipartisan agreement” borrowing money to fund the Iraq War. (Which costs the US Taxpayer over $3 Trillion!!)

McCain TalosianThis all boils down to one thing: “The Republicans don’t get their way anymore.” They’ve become spoiled children who can no longer suck off the teat of the American taxpayer. They’ll have to pay for their whores and their penis drugs out of their own pockets because the bribe money has dried up.

McCain continues crying and watch the logic-flow of his statement:

While McCain said he appreciated the fact that Obama came to Capitol Hill to speak with House Republicans about the stimulus bill. But, “that’s not how you negotiate a result.” Instead, “you sit down in a room with competing proposals” and “almost all of our proposals went down on a party-line vote”

“I hope the next time we will sit down together and conduct truly bipartisan negotiations. This was not a bipartisan bill.”

So…ummm… lesseee…. Ummm…You’re admitting that the Republican Party wasn’t being bipartisan? Because if you produced your proposals, and they went down on a party-line vote – that means it was the Republicans who aren’t bipartisan? And, to say that this wasn’t a bipartisan bill is pure bull-hockey.

It was the Democrats who compromised with the Republicans!

Many Democrats would have preferred a larger bill, but agreed to pare back, including cuts to favored education and health programs, to win three crucial Republican votes in the Senate.

“Legislation is the art of compromise, consensus building, and that’s what we did,” the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, said in announcing the accord.

Democrats are always capitulating with the Republicans and the Republicans will sit back and vote against the bill anyway! It’s an excercise in futility! Why compromise with anything the Republicans want when you know they’re going to vote against it anyway!

McCain continues:

McCain also spoke about the potential long-term effects of the stimulus bill.

“We are committing generational theft,” McCain said. “We are laying a huge deficit on future generations of Americans.”

Wait a second here! It was McCain who said he didn’t know anything about the economy.

Fact: In November 2005, McCain said in an interview:

“I’m going to be honest: I know a lot less about economics than I do about military and foreign policy issues. I still need to be educated.

Fact: In December 2007, McCain said about economics:

The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should,” but “I’ve got Greenspan’s book.”

He’s got a freaking book?!? He’s got a book?!?! Do you think Crayons came with that book too?

Fact: The Republicans wanted tax cuts in this Stimulus Bill and they got over $200Billion in tax cuts.

Fact: There were Republicans who added projects to this Stimulus Bill, who voted AGAINST the bill, then run around and brag about the stuff they added to that very same bill!

Fact: During the Banking Bailout plans when Bush was in office, it was once again McCain who was the spoiler in the room.

Democrats angrily accused House Republicans — and McCain, in particular — of grandstanding.
“John McCain did nothing to help. He only hurt the process,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said after attending the White House meeting.
Sen. Chris Dodd, the Banking Committee chairman who was among those announcing the agreement earlier in the day, questioned whether the White House meeting was a cynical GOP effort to make McCain seem like a statesman at a time when voters’ economic concerns have hurt McCain in the polls.

“For the life of me, I don’t know how what was going on (at the White House) was anything except political theater,” Dodd said after the meeting.

McCain’s interview with John King concluded with more stupidity:fruitfly21

Failure to bring the federal government’s spending back in line with its revenue once the economy improves could lead to inflation and debasement of the dollar down the road, McCain also told King.


Hrmmm… I wonder how concerned McCain was on federal spending when Bush demanded $30Billion a month for his Iraq Oil War? Did you see any concern about federal spending when McCain wandered aimlessly through the streets in downtown Bahgdad with 800 helicopters hovering over him and three platoons following behind him?

These Republicans are running a huge risk playing this hypocritical spoiled brat syndrome. If the economy does indeed tank, the American voter isn’t going to run to the GOP to fix the problem. The Republicans are

One Month Off arrogantly kidding themselves by playing this game. And if the economy does improve, like all signals are pointing towards – the were be little room for the GOP to have any bragging rights. But, since the GOP is only a Regional Political party now, we should hardly expect anything of significance from them anyway.

Watching Republicans catch a black-eye

This was fun to watch! JD Hayworth (R-AZ) getting getting kicked in the teeth by Chris Matthews and Harold Ford (D-TN) (Harold! Call me!!) on Hardball last night.

It’s a simple question Congressman Hayworth: “Would we be better off if we simply stuck to the policies we’ve had for the past eight years?!?”

The funniest part is when Harold Ford says; “This is why Barack Obama won last November.”

It just makes ya wanna scream! Since when did the Republican Party become lobotomized and magically turned into mush-mouths?! I used to appreciate and respect the Republican view. I didn’t have to agree with them – but I could respect them. These days, they’re sounding more and more like lion kill!Just give me money

“Would we be better off if we simply stuck with the policies we’ve had for the past eight years?!?!”

Just admit you were wrong, people! Are you that arrogant?!

Drug Addicts shouldn’t use computers

How long before we’ll see a boatload of Ditto-heads running around claiming that we took Rush Limbaugh “out of context” when he admitted that he’s completely computer illiterate?


Ahhh… Ummm… ehem. Rush! God love ya (and I truly don’t know how or why) but you’re still an idiot as far as I’m concerned. Find the little binoculars on your PDF Reader and you can search to your heart’s content… Oh wait… You need….a heart! <sigh> Nevermind!!
Looking for you
I wonder if Rush sobered up and simply stopped taking his Hillbilly Heroin Oxycontin he would become a lot smarter?! I mean, we’re all well aware that his little peter-pecker doesn’t work, but that shouldn’t a major effect on his IQ points would it? Well? Wouldn’t it?!? No really! I wanna know!! WOULDN’T IT?!

Watermelon Abuse: My Battle for Purity

Human LeaguePlease, stop the abuse. Think of the innocent watermelons! Because everytime you touch your melons, an angel loses its wings…

h/t Jesus’ General. The famous heterosexual who’s always looking out for The Lord’s best interests.

Ditto Heads: Mary Rassmussen is a big fat Idiot

Here’s Minnesota’s Star Tribune “Liberal Press” at its finest.  Featured as The Letter of the Day, Mary Rassmussen of Farmington writes this piece of work entitled “To understand the real Rush, tune in to his radio show“:

I used to harbor an irrational hatred of Rush Limbaugh. I had never listened to him; I had no logical reason to hate him. I had listened to Democrats’ lies. The Feb. 9 article about Rush continued to spew disinformation. Much of what Rush says, such as calling himself “America’s truth detector,” is tongue-in-cheek, designed to irritate liberals. His comment that he hopes President Obama fails was taken out of context — he just wants Obama’s plans to fail. The writers of this article would know that if they listened to him.

These first three sentances reaks of lies.  “I used to harbor an irrational hatred of Rush…I had listened to Democrats’ lies. Yeah, right; and I have an irrational hatred for Ditto Heads who think Democrats are far more gullible than they are.

fruitfly21But it’s this sentence that made me fall of my chair: “His comment that he hopes President Obama failes was taken out of context — he just wants Obama’s plans to fail.” Ahh!!!  I see!  There’s a difference then?!

You see,  Rush (and apparently Mary Rassmussen of Farmington and her entire Ditto Headed fraternity) wants this Stimulus Package to fail so millions more Americans will lose their jobs.  Rush and Mary Rassmussen of Farmington wants the US Dollar to collapse so a loaf of bread will cost her $1,200 and a gallon of gas will run on the sale price of $6,245 a gallon!  Rush and Mary Rassmussen of Farmington are thrilled  by the notion of Americans standing  in long  soup-lines across this country.  What a joy to know that Rush and Mary Rassmussen hates Obama  so much – that they’ll stand and applaued when they hear the news that millions of children have been turned out of their homes because of starvation and destitution in our country.

Hooray!!!!  And Why does Rush and Mary Rassmussen want Obama’s policies to fail?! Why?!  Because, by jove!  …That’ll teach every damned American that Obama is NO GOOD!  …That his policies are WRONG! And Obama is just BAD FOR AMERICA!

Rush and Mary Rassmussen apparently, don’t want Obama to fail…  Oh No!!  That would be taking Rush Limbaugh out of context!!   No – they just want Obama’s policies to fail.  Because that would prove once Human Leagueand for all that Rush and Mary Rassmussen of Farmington, Minnesota are proud, decent and patriotic , flag waivin’ Americans!!

Fucking dumbasses…  Sheeshe.

And that, my friends, was the fucking Letter of the Day for the Minneapolis Star Tribune!

Sam Seder’s spamming for his own show on MSNBC

stop_spamRight about the time Al Franken dropped his show and decided to get serious about running for office, Sam Seder got a big bump by filling Franken’s time-slow on Air America. (I think I’m correct in that time logistic.) Missing my beloved time with Franken, well – Seder just couldn’t fill that hole in my broken heart. I missed Al and I missed learning all that Al taught me. Listening to Al’s show, I felt like a little kid sitting on the floor while “Uncle Al” taught me everything I needed learn about politics, and why it was okay for me to call myself a liberal.

And here comes Sam Seder. A man who never missed an opportunity to yell at some random caller.housefly.jpg

Yelling?! Screaming?!? Huh?

Being gay and living in a gay house-hold – we don’t yell. Yelling is for beasts, troglodytes and apparently for people like Sam Seder. I can’t really single him out – have you ever listened to Randi Rhodes show?! Holy crow! She’ll yell and scream like a freakin’ banshee. When she starts, I turn off my radio faster than a long distance phone-call and immediately break out singing songs I learned when I was a third grader at summer camp. All I’m saying is that Seder didn’t help my broken heart – what he did do was look for the opportunity for the next unsuspecting soul to come along and disagree with him and he was back screaming in all capital letters.

sam-sederThen there’s something to be said about his looks. He’s freaking adorable. I just wanna clunk him over the head and drag him into the backseat of my Dad’s restored ’57 Chevy and have my way with him for an hour. He’s just plain cute. Of course he’s straight, I know that. But since he apparently likes to kiss girls instead of boys – I’d be resolved to use every gay man’s secret weapon of choice in seducing a str8 guy: A six pack of beer.

gqbLook out Seder! I know you’ll be reading this… Whatever you do… Don’t freaking drink any beer handed to you by a gay guy!! Once that six-pack of suds is finished, you’ll feel this uncontrollable urge to “ditch the bitch” and proudly wear a giant tricked out name badge spelling out “Rump Ranger“.

I’m remembering now… Yes… It’s becoming clearer…

It was during the time when Air America Radio (XM) was deciding what to do with this empty time slot that Al Franken vacated. They were leaning towards Ed Shultz’s show while Seder who had his Sunday (Majority Report) show was encouraging folks to call XM and demand the empty slot goes to Seder and not to Big Eddie. Seder was a “Radio Temp” and filled the slot while the Air America XM execs had to decide between Shultz or Seder…

Big Eddie (Shultz) meanwhile, lost it on the air. By that time, he was fuming over Air America’s waffling on deciding who would be Franken’s successor. I was channeling Big Eddie and blogged that Sam Seder must have been jealous. What a major mistake that was. Holy crap!!

Some dude calling himself MRRFAN (obviously it was Sam Seder) was pissed that I would even imply his jealously. Oh my Lordie!! I’m channeling Ed Shultz, making assumptions and here’s Seder screaming in my other ear about a stupid assumption about his jealousy!

I had to go back and post-edit my “channeling” blog – declare publicly that I had made an assumption…. The “Screaming Seder” wasn’t going to let me get off the hook that easily. He took me behind the proverbial woodshed and beat me within an inch of my life.

I was terrified within an inch of my life!

Well, that was two years ago. And every once in a while, I get an email from Sam Seder asking me to click here, give money there…whatever. Seder’s one of those folks that puts your email address on their “Super Spammer List” thinking that my alleged dime-sized world twirls around the anticipation just to hear from them whenever they have a bug in their ear. …Which comes to my point: <pant><puff><pant pant><puff><puff>


Spammer Sam is spamming folks to support the idea of him getting a show of his own immediately following Rachel Maddow, who has a show immediately following Keith Olbermann. Now, since I live in Central Standard Time – that would mean Sam Seder would be in the 10:00PM time-slot and let me think… who’s on at ten o’clock… hrmmmm….

Oh yeah! This Dude!

dailyshowCute and Adorable Sam Seder spams my email with this ditty:


Some of my listeners have suggested I would be a good candidate to take that slot. I’m saying to myself, “What the hell, Obama says we need some stimulus. Maybe I can help.” So, to gauge support for the idea I’m inviting you to join a Facebook group. To join, just click on the link below and then join the group.

Hey MSNBC – Bring Sam Seder To 10:00PM ET

Once you join the group you’ll get updates about how else you can help.

It is important to have more progressive voices challenging the Right and the establishment media.

Aww… C’mon, Spamming Sam!!! (Why do I feel a Dr. Seuss story coming on right about now?) You’re going to get all of your cyber-buddies to sign up some roster in an effort to show the execs at MSNBC that you have an freakin’ audience?!vomit

Dude! Your audience ditched you when you yelled at all of them!

I dunno, I feel resigned. …Perhaps it’s late.  I know they tried to put that goof-ball Chris (Tweety) Matthew’s Hardball show up after Maddow and nobody watched him (because he’s a right-wing tool-job) and everybody flocks on over to watch Stewart (a.k.a. “Stewie” in our household). What would I expect from Seder’s show? A bunch of yelling?!

We’re gay. We don’t yell!! And neither should you!!

Gay guys don’t scream nor do they yell! I know I’ve already said that, but I can’t stress my point enough!

You’re only allowed to scream and yell if;

  • You get tickets to Barbara Streisand, George Micheal, Liza Minelli or Cher concert
  • Your drag-queen husband* just finished performing a perfect lip-synch impression of Barbara Streisand, Liza Minelli or Cher
  • Your Nude Bears bowling team won the regionals
  • Your brand-new boyfriend is hung like a race-horse and you’re proud to call yourself a Bottom.

So you see – I simply don’t care if Sam gets his MSNBC show or not. We’re sticking with Stewie


Chalk up a new rule when we’re allowed to yell at someone! Jiminy Crickets..! <pant><puff><pant pant><puff><puff>

Post Editing Thought: Sam Seder has once again appeared on my political radar screen. This time, on DailyKos. It’s a 10 minute piece where he shouts down his opponent with his “Delicate Best.”

He’s yelling 99.9% of the time!!!

Stop yelling at people, Sam! Please stop the Yelling!!Human League

* According to the “Super Gay Dictionary of Everything Accurate and True“; A gay man’s life partner is called a “husband” unless the life person is in drag. At that point, the life partner is technically called a “wife”. Unless the life partner is a lesbian. A lesbian life partner in drag is technically called a “husband”. I just thought it might be important to clarify that point.

2009 Mens Fashion Show – Paris/Milan: My moment of Ugh!

All of these big industry tycoons in front of Congress – begging for cash, or explaining why they spent the cash we gave them foolishly. It makes you wonder what new industry will be begging for those welfare checks next!

I think I have the answer right here: The Mens Fashion Show recently held in Paris and Milan. Click on this fashion piece I’ve posted to get started. But before you go down this journey, let me offer you a complimentary high fashioned barf bag:

barfbag_2Trust me – you’ll need it…

Fashion Forward and then some

Any room left in that barf bag?! At least you can’t say I didn’t warn ya! And to think, I posted the one that was the most tame. The weired “head gear” thing was way over the top. Ugh!!
Suspicious Character

…Maybe these designers were all Republicans… Hrmmm… If they were Democrats, you’d see a lot of comfortable jeans, pull-over sweaters…maybe smoking a joint. …laughing while flipping the finger waving the peace-sign at the camera-man…

WHAT?!? I’m just sayin…!!