Letterman: Limbaugh is a Bonehead

Letterman’s no dummy. He’s hoping Limbaugh rakes him over the coals for the remark and he’ll get his own ratings boost. I don’t know why Letterman doesn’t do better by simply roasting Limbaugh for the douche he really has become. It would be a Ratings Barnstormer.

Notice Katie Couric cringe… She’s such a right-wing tool-job. She’s terrified Limbaugh will think she’s no longer one of his minions and she’ll be damned to doing good deeds for poor children for all of eternity.
FruitFly 6

…and her exit statement: “So much for my interview with Rush!” Phhhhphp.. She’s complaining because she hasn’t been able to wiggle her way inside Limbaugh’s giant-sized underpants for over six months now!