Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras (Sydney, AU) begins in hours

front_grasThe GLBT Mardis Gras is about to begin in Sydney, kicking off a whopper of a national party. From the Sydney Morning Harald:

Parade organisers expect 300,000 people to line the streets to watch 135 floats cruise past and 10,000 performers stroll, dance and celebrate, giving it their all as they parade along the route from the CBD to Moore Park on Saturday night.

This year’s theme, Nations United, is a tribute to homosexuals around the world who may not enjoy the freedoms and freedom of expression known in Australia.

“The parade is truly one of the most amazing events you’ll find in Australia today,” Mardi Gras chair David Imrie told reporters in Sydney.

“It’s spectacular, it’s funny, it’s topical, it’s an x-ray of our culture, our mood and what’s on our minds.”

With the approaching autumn season coming about the “Land of Down Under”, I would suspect all of those Drag Queens would be packing a lot of fur underneath those sequined costumes.

Mr. Imrie continues:

“Mardi Gras is the biggest celebration of homosexuality in the world and aims to promote not just the tolerance but the acceptance of the gay community in the wider community,” he said.

FruitFly 6Hrmm… I’m having my doubts that Sydney has the largest gay pride festivals on the planet. I can think of a half dozen cities that would give Sydney’s 300,000+ Party-Bashers a run for their money in Popularity Contests.  Cities including; Amsterdam, London , NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis-St Paul, Atlanta… And that’s just a short-list. But, since we’re genetically programmed to love Austalians, their country and that wicked accent of theirs – we’ll let them have the bragging rights for now. But, trust me – we’ll be keeping detailed attention to any other bragging rights they’re not entitled to in the future!