Ah…Another Republican caught with a prostitute

Nice.  Hannity hanging with his whores…

afire_kandi_sean_karla_afaOooo!! Look!  Here’s a picture of Sean Hannity with a prostitute and I think he’s got an erection!

hannity-bunny-ranch2<sigh> yeah, sadly – it doesn’t take an awful lot of effort to cover up poor Sean’s tallywacker.  He’s hung like a cashew!

You can see all of these XXX-rated photos by running off to the Bunny Ranch to see their “family photos” of other Republican perverts who frequent the establishment to review their, ehem, “Strong American family values”!

His Wiki says he’s married to a “woman” named Jill Rhodes.  No argument there.  I mean; there’s not a lot of Republicans these days who seem to worry about Herpes, HIV and clamidia. Have you seen Larry Craig’s wife talking about sexually trasmitted diseases lately?  David Vitter’s wife?!?  Exactly what I’m talking about.  Perhaps that’s what’s really going on: FruitFly 6These Republicans are marrying the whores that they frequent in brothels throughout the country  and the concern over STD’s is simply irrelevant!

In Hannity’s case, the train has left “Sandpaper Sally’s Ally” and it’s apparently pulled into “Pineapple Peter Station”!

9 Responses

  1. He covers murders – does that make him a murderer – news is news reporting it does not implicate them – you trouble searching morons – separate issues – where the hell is common sense

  2. Oh give me a freaking break. You thinned skin Losers who have zero sense of humor makes you all the more boring.

    Okay – let’s play your stupid logic: “Ummm… He doesn’t seem to be making any news here – beyond hugging a couple of whores at a brothel in Nevada! Is that newsworthy?!? Hrmm..I dunno! Seems like it would!!”

    You get the Dumb Ass Award for the Day…You dumbass.

    Pathetic whiny dumbass show up and leave their whiny litter all over my blog. I should have killed the comment but I’m going to leave it up just so other people who come along can see out utterly pathetic and stupid you really are.

    Think of it like you were born with your cock growing out of your forhead and you’re entire live you have to wear your jockeys over your head..! …You dumb-fuck.


    Fruit F. Fly

  3. […] may or may not be true, but Hannity apparently knows his whorehouses. Here’s a picture of the right-wing radio and tv talker taken in a Nevada house of […]

  4. […] I’m really glad that the staffs of the Huffpo, Think Progress, Media Matters, and all other watchdog sites sit through enough Fox News to catch this stuff, mainly so I don’t have to scream at my TV every few minutes like an overeager sports fan does when his team is getting annihilated. If you never believed that Sean Hannity was a boldfaced liar up until this point, this has to convince you… Hannity claims to have never watched pornography, which causes the chirpy Brit to mock him at length, “Not even in college?…I don’t believe you!” Seriously, chirpy Brit, I am with you. Hasn’t Hannity watched his own network? Or visited a brothel? […]

  5. Dear Fruity,

    You have quite the profound vernacular.

    “Think of it like you were born with your cock growing out of your forhead and you’re entire live you have to wear your jockeys over your head..! …You dumb-fuck.”


  6. Hey retard that pic is from a show he did. Nice misinformation. If your gonna put something up here know what your talking about.

  7. Sean Hannity doing a news piece on professional whores? Right. Like there aren’t other news worthy topics? Yep, that’s what I want to know about – hookers in Nevada.

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