Bush-era “voter suppression lawsuit” dropped by Obama in MO.

Cool ChangeA lawsuit brought on by the Bush Administration aimed at Missouri’s Secretary of State’s office was dropped yesterday by Obama’ Attorney General.

The U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit contended that Missouri election officials did not follow a federal law that requires reasonable efforts be made to remove ineligible people from the rolls. The suit contends that because that did not happen, people who have moved or died might still be eligible to vote.

Federal lawyers wrote that the evidence currently in hand is dated and might not reflect the current situation in Missouri.

In 2007, the case became embroiled in the controversy over the firing of U.S. attorneys by President George W. Bush’s administration. Former Republican U.S. Attorney Todd Graves said he clashed with top Justice officials when he questioned the merits of the suit.

more cool changeThe President of the United States also ordered that government officials should stop relying on Bush’s controversial “signing statements” and cautioned them to consult with the US Attorney General as for their legitimacy.   In the NY Times today:

Mr. Bush frequently used signing statements to declare that provisions in the bills he was signing were unconstitutional constraints on executive power, claiming that the laws did not need to be enforced or obeyed as written. The laws he challenged included a torture ban and requirements that Congress be given detailed reports about how the Justice Department was using the counter-terrorism powers in the USA Patriot Act.

FruitFly 6It’s like a slow cool breeze on a summer’s night in the Deep South, isn’t it?   The later in the evening, the less you want to think about how hot it was that day and how hard you had to work.  The Obama Administration seems to be slowly, and finally getting rid of the Bush Smell that has stunk up the White House and the country.

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  1. Chuckle, it is the smells right?

  2. The topic is quite hot on the Internet at the moment. What do you pay attention to while choosing what to write about?

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