Who is Michael Steele?! (It’s Worth 1,000 words)

gopnosteele2David Patterson (D-NY), governor of New York, appointed Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand to fill Hillary Clinton’s position in the US Senate. He set the election date for March 20th – giving candidates only a few weeks to campaign. Jim Tidesco, (R-NY) is running a campaign that would make Norm Coleman (R-MN) proud: “Slimier than ever!” and Scott Murphy (D-NY) is behind in the polls by about 7 points. (Hint: NY-20th is a heavy Republican district. Trailing 7-points is pretty darned good!)

Conventional wisdom is strongly held that the Republican Party is holding its breath until after that election. The game plan is simple: Hold a “No Confidence Vote” for Michael Steele to make him “go away”…Think “Hudson River and Cement-galoshes”. (The No Confidence Vote was initially floated by SC’s Katon Dawson (R-SC); a man who magically realized that he was a member of a whites-only country club and thought it was naughty and racism was “wrong”.) Apparently, Michael Steele’s ideas of attracting racial minorites, being anti-homophobic and thinking pro-choice thoughtsFruitFly 6 are in danger of attracting Republican-voters that the RNC just doesn’t want.

Obviously, Michael Steele, the Chair of the Republican National Convention won’t be missed.

The picture is hysterical: It only took 0.01 seconds for the GOP.com website to tell you that it’s never heard of a “Micheal Steele”. It’s the antithesis for “cohesion”. I’m going out on a limb here and guess that if you searched “Rush Limbaugh” on that website you’d crash the server in 0.01 seconds…