The Bachmann Look

My parents, God love ’em both, live in Minneosta’s 6th CD – a.k.a. “(Michele) Bachmann Country”.

My Dad bragged throughout last year that while attending Bachmann’s re-election rallies, he loved hearing Michele Bachmann talking about how “every chance she gets – she jumps in Nancy Pilosi’s face and tells her off on why she doesn’t like Pilosi’s liberal politics”.

We would meet at Don Pablos, over in Roseville – I hear the same story.  We would meet at Outback Steakhouse, I hear the same story.  Finally one day, probably while I was in the bathroom with my Star Tribune and my “Morning Constitution” I managed to squeeze out a thought….

I had dinner with my ‘Rents at TGI Fridays – I had the Cobb Salad, my Dad decided on some red meat for his protein and my Mom decided to mooch off the both of us.  My Dad brought it up again: “I like Michele Bachmann!  Do you know…Every chance she gets – she gets up in Nancy Pilosi’s face and tells her off on why she doesn’t like Pilosi’s liberal politics!  Every chance she gets!!”

I said: “That’s great Dad!  Tell me… How does that benefit you and your neighbors?  How’s that working out for you?  Have you seen some great new programs come in from the Federal Government that helps your Congressional District out?  I’m confused:  How well does Bachmann pay off for you guys in the 6th?!  Is she that effective for your District?”

My Dad’s jaw dropped.  He had this look on his face:

Brought to you via that world famous “Minnesota Progressive Project” and “Talking Points Memo“, I give you that same bewildered look, forever to be framed as “The Bachmann Effect”:

I’ve now discovered at least three examples of a curious phenomenon: The Bachmann Effect. When Bachmann is out there talking about the issues in an adversarial setting, her opponents find themselves on a very unsure footing — mainly because they’re shocked and befuddled to hear what she’s saying.

These three individuals don’t know each other, and yet on three separate occasions you’ll see the exact same facial expression each time.

I had to watch this video three times – and sure enough – these people all had the same look on their face that my Dad had on his face while I was chewing on hard boiled egg and low fat French dressing… It’s the exact same look – and it’s funnier than all get out…

“What?!  What are you talking about?! Huh?!”

Hint: Tim Geitner’s look is the best…However, Steny Hoyer’s is pretty damned funny too.FruitFly 6

It’s funny because Republicans really do believe she’s  a great politician!  It’s even funnier because Republicans seem to be confused when they see that same look on your face while they’re gushing about their love and respect for Bachmann’s accomplishments as a US Congresscritter.

I am so looking forward to the day when Marcus Bachmann comes Out of the Closet.  Michele will, for the first time, sport that same look on her face; “Huh?!  What?  What are you talking about?!”

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