Iowa Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Ruling Expected Tomorrow

freshfruitThis journey began in December ’05. where attorney’s Camilla Taylor and Kenneth D. Upton Jr filed the complaint on behalf fifteen Iowans, both in same-sex relationships as well as those couples who were raising children.  To quote Lambda Legal:

Lambda Legal has filed a lawsuit on behalf of six same-sex couples who seek to marry in Iowa. The lawsuit argues that under the equal protection and due process guarantees of the Iowa Constitution it is unlawful to bar same-sex couples from marrying. Since the lawsuit is based on state law, the Iowa Supreme Court will have the final word on the outcome of this case. The couples in this case have been together between five and over 16 years. Three of the couples are raising children, others are planning families, and all want the responsibilities of marriage and the protections only marriage can provide.

fruitfly21Iowa’s legislature tried to derail the case with the help of a few anti-gay groups in April ’06 and they were summarily dismissed by the courts in August of the same year.  The battle raged in Iowa’s courts throughout 2006 and on into 2007.  The plaintiffs at one point, asked that they’re children be included in the case because of the suffering they endure because their parents are discriminated against.

In August, 2007, Iowa’s District Court Judge Robert B. Hanson agreed:

The Iowa District Court rules that it is unconstitutional to deny same-sex couples access to marriage. The opposition filed for an appeal and a “stay” on the decision the next day which were granted.

The judge ordered the clerk to proceed with marrying the couples.  The following day, the opposition filed a stay of the court’s decisions pending an appeal from the state’s supreme court.   In March 2008, Lambda Legal filed with the supreme court in Des Moines and oral arguments were heard in December ’08.FruitFly 6

The Iowa State Supreme Court has posted on its website today that the Supreme Court will publish their opnions tomorrow, Friday, April 3, 09.

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