The Brass Rail To Re-Open In June

brassraildoorway1Well, this is news – It appears that Pete Hafiz plans to keep his word with the Twin Cities GLBT community.  In today’s Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

The Rail will return

Longtime Hennepin Avenue gay bar the Brass Rail, which closed in late January when its then-owner fell months behind on rent payments, will reopen by Pride Weekend in June, according to the building’s owner. Peter Hafiz, who also owns the Gay 90s and Sneaky Pete’s, said the bar will stay gay. He plans to make a few cosmetic changes in the meantime: “It needs some new life pumped into it.”

…A little paint, some new carpet and a handful of good looking dancers with some capital cash behind it: Let the playtimes begin!

FruitFly 6Now the magic question is this: “Will he re-hire the bartenders who’ve been sitting in unemployement lines since it was closed?!”  Well, some didn’t get unemployement, but that’s another matter.  I think re-hiring the bartenders would be paramount in importance to setting things right.  Of course, I’m biased.  Being one of those unemployed bartenders has sucked big-time.