Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (R) on MSNBC yesterday:

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) said today that he won’t validate a winner in the long-running Senate standoff between former Sen. Norm Coleman (R) and Al Franken (DFL) until “we get a proper result” — a process that will likely take “a few more months.”

Franken currently holds a 225-vote lead, but a three-judge panel is scheduled to count 400 contested ballots today. Asked if he would sign the election certificate if that panel finds Franken the winner, Pawlenty said he would not, instead waiting on the likely appeals process to play itself out.

The Minnesota Supreme Court said, in a recent decision, that a certificate shouldn’t issue — or isn’t likely that it should issue until the state court process has run its course. That would include the appellate process.

It’s pretty clear that one side or the other’s going to take that next step … and it wouldn’t be appropriate for me or anyone else to step in front of it.

It’s frustrating that this has taken so long, but we need to get a proper and just and accurate and legal result, and it’s going to take, it looks like, a few more months to get that.

The 3-Judge Panel hasn’t issued a ruling yet and Timmy is already soaking up the power-play for his own failure to run against Obama in 2012.  Minnesota’s Governor. another Republican Puke, has decided to trivialize Minnesota’s voice in the United States Stanate is nothing short proving himself as being  a harpie and a shill.   Put simply: Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty has made his deicision:

“I’d rather be a political slut for the Republican Party than let Minnesota have a fair voice in the United States Senate.”

Playing politics is far more important than letting Minnesota have their voice in the Senate…

Thanks for keeping Minnesota’s best interests at heart, Governor!


FruitFly 6