On-Line Dating; The “E-Harmony” Way

Why do I get that sixth-sense that E-Harmony will never live down their homophobia anytime in the next fifteen years? Let’s face it: Dr. Laura tried and failed miserably, and whether Anita Bryant is turning in her grave right now or not…There are gay people in freaking Iowa that are getting married tomorrow. (Personally; I’m hoping Anita B is turning in her grave.   …Her hair getting all wrapped around her skull while she’s turning like she’s on a rotisserie…her burial dress all rotted away and a tibia has strayed — now it’s currently banging around between her rotted ankles inside that casket of hers…  But, that’s just how I roll.)

Killers: Smile Like You Mean ItTurn, Anita! Keep on turning…!  Turn..!

…Grab your ankles and enjoy your tibia!!

When will these right wing idiots realize that hating “The Gays” does not produce benefits?

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