Gay Marriage in Rhode Island: They’re the “Lucky Seven”?

The tough decision…

  1. Connecticut
  2. Iowa
  3. Maine
  4. Massachusetts
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Vermont

Will Rhode Island be the Lucky 7? Or will it be Maryland?!  There’s some hot-buttons going on in Maryland!  Oh!  And let’s not forget Pennsylvania!

Or Minnesota? Will Minnesota be the Lucky Seven…  Oh wait.  Scratch that!. Minnesota’s a dump-ground of Republican whims.  We’re the only State in the country with one vote in the U.S. Senate thanks to the GOP.   …And, we’ve got Tim Pawlenty as a governor, the GOP’s favorite poodle. Men Without Pants: And the Girls Go So, let’s just scratch Minnesota as an opportunity.  Republicans are a lost cause and Pawlenty’s still waiting for that T-shirt the GOP promised him if he played “good puppy”.  Minnesota will even elect gay Republicans who’ll vote against gay marriage and proudly  brag about it!

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