Now Republicans are Name-Calling: Obama’s a “Cream-Puff”!



It’s bad enough, listening to their conspiracies (Obama’s not an American) and their rhetoric on why Obama’s isn’t “Republican” enough for them.  But to listen to them resort to name-calling only ensures that fewer voters are going to check off the “Red Names” on next year’s ballot-box.  Who needs them?!

Does anybody remember when Tom DeLay was getting kicked out for being too nasty in his relationship with the likes of Jack Abramoff and sweatshops in Saipan?   Tom DeLay loved the idea of exploiting endentured servants and he called the sweatshops “a free market success“!!  You see, that’s when Republicans were in control and you didn’t hear them whining about anything — unless it was related to gays, the middle class, equal pay for women or repealing the tax-cuts for the ultra-rich!

Now, they’re name calling Obama…again.  Michele Bachmann, Minnesota’s greatest embarrassment, giggled in delight when stupid things came tumbling out of her mouth and called him “The Community Organizer in Chief“.  But that wasn’t good enough – because now Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) calls the president a “cream-puff”!

Would it be disrespectfu if someone called Dana Rohrabacher a douche bag?  I wonder how many of those Somali pirates would agree with Congressman Rohrabacher?

Howard Dean Responds To Bush’s Attacks re: Health Care

America’s worst president shows up yesterday and slams Obama about a flurry of stuff.  Why would anybody care what Bush has to say about anything – beyond Bush trying to be a rallying call for the GOP (in the minority) to  stand-up against the Democrats (overwhelming majority)?

It’s nonsense at its finest!

Anyway – Dr. Dean has a reply:

Michele Bachmann: Homophobe, McCarthyite…Convict?!

We can all hope Bachmann gets thrown into jail.  All we have left to do is wait for the 2010 Consensu to come knocking on her door.  As noted by the internationally famed “Two Putt Tommy” over at the Minnesota Progressive Project, Bachmann blabs her mouth off on Sun Myung Moon’s radio show and says:

BACHMANN: The mother lode of all data information will be from the Census. … Unfortunately, the Census data has become very intricate, very personal, a lot of the questions that are asked. I know for my family, the only question we will be answering is how many people are in our home. We won’t be answering any information beyond that, because the Constitution doesn’t require any information beyond that.

fruitfly21And what does the United States Constitution say about taking a Census and how Americans are reuired to participate?  Why, let’s run over to the US Supreme Court Center and ask them, shall we?

Congress has expanded the scope of the census by including not only the free persons in the States, but also those in the territories, and by requiring all persons over eighteen years of age to answer an ever-lengthening list of inquiries concerning their personal and economic affairs. This extended scope of the census has received the implied approval of the Supreme Court*, and is one of the methods whereby the national legislature exercises its inherent power to obtain the information necessary for intelligent legislative action.

What “patriotism” does Bachmann display when the Census Takers arrive at her front door and she opens and says:

“There’s only three people living here – Good Bye!”

..And then slams the door in their face?  That’s what she’s threatening to do!

Elvis Presley: Jailhouse RockWhat a pathetic stunt for an American citizen, let alone a Congresswoman to pull.  Even making threats like that reveals out arrogant she is, let alone contemptible for our country.   These pigs who are thumbing their noses at our country is out of control.   If she pulls that off, like she’s claiming to do – I think she should be shown Martha Stewart’s old jail-cell at Alderson Federal Prison Camp (a.k.a. ” Camp Cupcake”) and let her take classes on decoupage and paper mache.

The Rail Lounge – Opening Delay

I just recieved text message on my cell-phone from a fellow bartender:

“Rumors all around that (the Brass) Rail will open on Friday.  I wrote to Pete (Hafiz) but he says not until mid-July now”.

There’s another fellow-bartender who’s headed on downtown this afternoon to see what’s up.  I’m guessing owner Pete Hafiz doesn’t have his liquor license and he’s run into a few delays with the construction crews.

…Good thing I get an extension on my unemployment benefits!