Republicans Love La Raza! Especially La Raza McCain!

According to Republican convicted G Gordon Liddy: “La Raza” is “Illegal Alian” for “The Race”

Ah, from G. Gordon LIddy: The same one who thinks folks in America who willingly should shoot Federal Agents in the head

It makes you wonder: Why are Republicans unpopular?  More importantly: Why do Republicans hate their Republican Party so much more than they hate themselves?!

FruitFly 6When Americans were asked what word came to mind when thinking of the Republican Party, the top answer was “unfavorable,” followed by “conservative,” then followed by “favorable.” The results are not dissimilar to the answers Republicans gave when asked the same question: 21 percent described their party as conservative, while only 14 percent answered “favorable.”

Viva la Republican Whig Party!!  (Hint: The Whig Party is extinct – nobody cares!)

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