PA Senator Eichelberger: “Gays Are Allowed To Exist”

John Eichelberger1Here’s a brain-trust hard at work.

Pennsylvania has a statute on the books that declares marriage between a male and a female.  State Senator Daylin Leach has introduced a bill legalizing same-sex marriage and Senator John Eichelberger has introduced a State Constitutional Amendment to ban same-sex marriage (how of fear that a judge might overturn the current statute.).

So, the two of them trot on down to a local radio station last Friday and have a live on-air debate on the topic. Andy Towle has the full transcript:

LEACH: How would he [Eichelberger] want to encourage stability in gay couples?

EICHELBERGER: I wouldn’t. I mean they can practice whatever sexual activity they like to practice, but there’s no reason to give them special consideration. We don’t give them special consideration in Pennsylvania for any reason. Why in the world would we allow them to marry?

LEACH: How would you encourage gay couples to be able to provide for their families?

EICHELBERGER: Well, I wouldn’t.

LEACH: What would you expect of them?

EICHELBERGER: There is no reason to encourage that type of behavior in Pennsylvania…That comes back to the definition of family and that’s where we differ. We can call all kinds of things families. I mean, we can say a 3 party marriage is a family, or 7 or 8 people or marrying younger and younger children these days .

HOST: Are you saying that by their very nature homosexual relationships are dysfunctional?

EICHELBERGER: [Pause] Um. I guess I would say that. I would say that.

LEACH: Should our only policy towards [same-sex] couples be one of punishment, to somehow prove that they’ve done something wrong?

Eichelberger: They’re not being punished. We’re allowing them to exist, and do what every American can do. We’re just not rewarding them with any special designation.

Aren’t there some similarities between what this idiot is saying and what the Nazi’s said about The Gays back in Germany’s hayday?    They put the gay men into concentration camps and the lesbians were forced into prostitution for the Nazy troops’ amusement…. “But hey, they allowed them to exist!”

This YouTuber’s response to Senator Eichelberger’s comment  is hysterical:

2 Responses

  1. Some similarity between these two? Don’t you get it?
    Leach is introducing marriage equality to Pennsylvania so that same-sex couples can marry, and Eichelberger is introducing a ban on marriage equality to stop that.

    Leach is drawing out and exposing Eichelberger’s point of view. A little googling around and some reading would help you see that Leach is progay marriage and Eichelberger is antigay marriage and on top of it saying “we’re allowing gay couples to exist”.

  2. Pardon our Senator Eichelberger. He hasn’t bowed to your eternal wisdom’s great efforts to destroy our schools and make our college students into jellyblobs. Good luck at your nightcap with Satan !

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