Patricia McKinney Is a Witch-Doctor – Without the Ph.D. in Witch

She admits her ignorance in spirituality.  And she willingly admits her lack of education in spirituality.  What she’s willing to admit is her defense against her own self-designed cult-movement against The Gays.

She has no defense against the Gay Community, and admits it freely, and she’s willing to pin gay teen to the floor with her own husband’s foot at the boy’s throat in an effort to proclaim her title as a “prophetess”.

This teenager has been abused – because Patricia McKinney demands that we call her “Profit-ess”

A short-recap:

Patricia McKinney coerced her “flock” to pin a teenaged boy to the floor in an effort to cast out an alleged “homosexual demon”.

Surprsied by the public reaction that wasn’t positive (, “Profitsess McKinney” made her own executive dicision to cut the video from YouTube by claiming that her original “exorcism” was “copywrited”.

Meanwhile – Profetess Do-Stupid was eager to run out and snap her fingers that she wasn’t a hate-monger against the Gay Community –  But she was simply a drug addict, a low-life and a little bit confused.

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