WBC To Protest “Fag” Michael Jackson Memorial

This is gonna rawk…

In case you’re unaware – Westboro Baptist Chuch is the “God Hates Fags” group out of Kansas.  fruitfly21The church as only 80-odd members, most of whom are related to Fred Phelps in some form or another.  Two, maybe three of his own children have disowned him, the remaining children are all lame-suck attorneys.

The game-plan is always the same for these douche-bags.  If anybody lays a finger on them – their attorneys are filing lawsuits against everybody – including the Jackson family and the Staples Center.

The answer to the situation is simple: Arrest these A-holes before some 200,000 Michael Jackson fans bear down on the entire group and give all of them a colonoscopy with one of their “God Hates Fags” signs.

Watching LAPD underestimate the furor these massive crowds are going to ventilate against this tiny little band of hate mongers would be sweet.  More than likely, none of them would survive to file their lawsuits and we’ll all be the better for it. The Limousines: Very Busy People I’m not going to advocate murdering these douchebags, although it would be deserved.  I’m just imagining the chaos that would result if someone isn’t paying attention.  Calling Michael Jackson a “Fag” following the Prop 8 aftermath just makes for some really bad mo-jo.

Pam gets the street-creds for spotting it.