Pat Stephens is a Giant Sized Douche

Pat Stephens didn’t like my cartoon on Sarah Palin responsible for killing Bullwinkle. So, Stephens leaves a comment that says this:

Response to fruitfly:
I don’t know if you are really as nasty as you seem on paper or you just want to be noticed. But people, and I say that loosely, like you and Shannyn Moore, must really have a pathetic life with nothing to do but trash someone who is honest and above board with their politics.
It is a shock that someone as beautiful and smart as Sarah Palin has the guts to go against the mainstream media and bloggers as yourself, speak for the people of the United States and our well being.
I hope and pray, you along with people like Shannyn Moore get sued and loose everything you have for being so hurtful.
May God Bless You,
Pat Stephens

Nice, huh?

Stephens can’t decide if I’m really that nasty, but is hoping I get sued by Sarah Palin and lose everything I have for being so hurtful.  …But, I”m the one who’s being nasty.

Sarah Palin is an elected official.  When you put your name on the ballot, you’re open to anything and everything the people want to throw at you.  The United States Constitution gives me the right to say anything I want about our elected officials!  It’s guaranteed!

…Except if you’re that  Republican Darling called Sarah Palin.  Because then…By George…You’re being NASTY!

And check out that last line: “May God Bless You.”  What kind of lie is that?!?!?

“I hope you’re cursed with lawsuits…and I hope God blesses you too!”

Sarah Palin is an idioit.  And Pat Stephens is too!  Welcome to the “Smart Kids” in Elementary School of Republican Party!

These Republicans have said the nastiest things about Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama.  Heinous, vile things like shouting “Kill Him” and “Hang Him” when John McCain (R-Candidate) was on the campaign trail and mentions Obama’s name.  When Sarah Palin was campaigning, people were audiblly loud shouting calling Obama the “N-Word” and neither Palin or McCain put a stop to it.

See for yourself.

And yet… Pat Stephens is pissed off at me because I posted a cartoon.

Oh…the horror!

FruitFly 6