Hate Crimes Bill: Liar, Liar, Your Pants Are On Fire!

Republicans, you just gotta love ’em for being a bunch of liars.  There’s no truth in anything they’re saying or doing these days.  And the parade of Idiots that march right behind them…

From Joe.My.God. who wants everybody to pull our their Liar Bells and give ’em a good ring everytime you hear them lying about Hate Crimes Legislation:

They’ll finish up the video with Bishop Harry Jackson.  This dude came under fire for voter fraud…This guy can’t be honest with his country – how is he expected to be taken honest with his own fellow citizens.

My favorite line, although there are many: “Hate Crimes lesgislation perverts our laws!” by Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC).

Congress is passing through the Matthew Shepard Act (H.R. 1913 and Sen 909) as an attachment on the annual Defense Department appropriate bill.  The New York Times called this bill as a “It must Pass” Bill. This is a bill that puts hate-crimes against gay and lesbian people under a whole new category of justice in this country.  FruitFly 6Mike Pence (R-IN) and Jim DeMint (R-SC) and the rest of these liars are claiming the bill to be an injustice against their “Christian” religion!  What they’re not telling you is that there is something called  HR 1592 contains a “Rule of Construction”, which protects free speech for pastors who want to spew venom from their pulpits!

I need to take one thing back… “Pants Are On Fire!” is hardly an accurate statement.  Their pants aren’t on fire, they’re laying crumpled at the foot of their mistresses bed!

Science Geeks: Hubble’s Deep Field Image

I could watch this stuff all day.  The Discovery Channel, when they play these short documentaries on this subject,  you’ll find me front and center staring at, slack-jawed…eyes all bugged out…

This is the latest from the Hubble telescope and taking one of the most important images ever taken by the human race. This is known as a “Deep Field” image, and you’ll be looking at galaxies that are over 40-billion light years away from our own dinky-sized planet.

And, of course – a video short on how the Hubble managed to take that photo…

…And this one too:

h/t to Marshall Brian. Thank you!

Pentagon’s Proposed “Smoking Ban” for U.S. Military

From today’s Star Tribune “Letters To The Editors” on the subject regarding a Smoking Ban proposed for the U.S. Military:

I’ve read that the Pentagon wants to ban smoking in the military for health reasons. I think banning war would be much more effective.


Same-Sex Marriage Home Party Kit?!

Oh snap!!  I’m getting me one of these things!

A “Same-Sex Marriage Home Party Kit“?!

That is so cool!

I can’t wait to invite my lesbians friends over and they can try out the snap-on dildos, and I’m hoping there’s a rhinstone tiara kit included!

HuH?!  No?!  This is another stupid ruse published by those fake Jesus Loving homophobes over at that NOM (National Organization of Marriage) group?

This trash is getting sold by the “Ruth Institute“, an affiliate for NOM.

These guys are sellling a “same-sex marriage home party kit” — Only they’re packaging it with their propaganda materials (bumper stickers, wristbands, books and audio CD) all focused on the fear-factor based on the concept of same-sex marriage:

  • Homos Married – Horror!
  • Gay Marriage — Terror!
  • Equality under the law — Earthquake!
  • Run for your lives!

Why  we shouldn’t have same-sex marriage?!  (Hint:  Massachusetts has been marrying same-sex couples since May 2004…Have you heard any meltdown with those folks over in Beantown lately?  Godzilla busting up Boston Harbor?  …God destroying Worcester, Massachusetts with fire and brimstone at all?)

Because heterosexual marriage is “better”?


Isn’t that classism?

Why aren’t they selling a “Hetero-Sex Marriage Home Party Kit”?  They could promote baby photos, bassinetts, and gender stereotypical products like aprons for Mom and a 10-piece socket-set for Dad!

Why the deception?  Why all of this drama?!  (A same-sex home party-kit?!)

This is the second time these Homophobic Bigots have been caught peddling fake materials!  NOM (National Organization of Marriage) was caught red-handed by producing a television commericial falsely claiming to use real people to express the horrors of gay marriage when they were actually using actors.

So again – why the deception?

Why can’t they be truthful on what they’re peddling?!

…Because this entire topic about the horrors of same-sex marriage is nothing but deception!!  It’s simply a bully-pulpit by religious bigots!

FruitFly 6Trust me; a rhinestone tiara kit and a strap-on dildo will be a hell of a lot more entertaining than this kind of bullshit.

…Throw in free Maybellline lipstick samples, used motor oil and motorcycle accessories (for the butch lesbians) and strawberry cheese-cake for everybody and you’ve got yourself a serious party!

h/t Jeremy at (G.A.Y.) Good on you Girlfriend!  Keep it up!  …and you know what I mean by that!