Canadians Talk to Americans about Health Care

….And shouldn’t they?  Canadians are our closest friends, including those pencil-headed British.  The Canadians share our borders, our trade, and they share our families:  My aunt is married to a Canuck!

What do these people say about public option and government sponsered health care?  <shrug>  It’s better than “we’ve got”!!

I’ll invite you to watch!  The video is eleven and some-odd seconds long.  No worries – the Canadians do pretty well at defining their case at the half-way point!


Ask Bernie Sanders (I-VT): He’s got the finger on the pulse…

Senator Sanders spanks John McCain (R-AZ) with this:

The GOP is losing the Health Care Debate. This conversation has shifted from defense to offense: “We Can’t” has become “We Aren’t Allowed!” The GOP can’t make a case for the Health Care Industry struggles to explain why they’ve become an exclusive country club for the few while patently ignoring the many. This health care debate is a natural shift with the government’s best interest – it’s citizens. By default, the GOP no longer speaks on behalf of the American people; they speak for the corporations.