Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians: Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

Yup!  He does!

h/t The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Raw Story

Fruit F. Fly at Tickles’ Gay Pride 2009 Pig Roast

…With me on the viewer’s left: Close friends Dave and Mike in the center and our good friend Jim on the right. My partner had to work that day, so he had no choice but be jealous.

Tickles had an awesome pig roast for Gay Pride 2009, so we went cannibal and became pigs ourselves.  The beer was tooth-numbing cold.  There’s nothing better than being with your best friends while celebrating Pride.

fruitfly21And what’s my problem?  I just can’t keep my hands off men!  Look at me! I look like a burping blanket draped all over Dave like I”m about to hump his leg. I swear he was going to pepper-spray me if I climbed into his lap…

The photo came from Lavender magazine.  Some Shutter-Bug asked if he could take our picture, we said Okay and then we all snuggled up to each other to fit in the shot.  I think I was holding it in much more than the others.

Lavender is going to sue me for posting this picture on my blog, I’m sure of it.  So click on the picture and then dial up all of their advertisers and buy as much stuff as you can so I can say it was for a worthy cause.  Otherwise, I’ll just have to take it down and that would kinda suck.  After all, I’m still fabulous!  And I mean it!

I had a great time, Girlfriends!

Love ya tons!

Fruit F. Fly